Tuesday, April 17, 2012

vintage flower frogs in cast iron or even iron

You know that old saying you always find it when your not looking......well, we often visit the second hand stores and vintage stores when we are traveling out and about.

And never in my wildest dreams last weekend, would I have thought to be hunting for some vintage flower frogs....but you will never guess that I found them.

Whilst enjoying the amazing weather that we had last Friday, with all 6 of us in the car. An amazing lunch was had in Palm Beach, but with Bianca due to visit the specialist again at Narrabeen at 5 we found that we had more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. So I remembered that Mum had mentioned that she wished to find some little knick knacks for a friend to pop on to some cute as peg bags for the hospital auxiliary stall. Not being the driver...yep the arm is still too sore to drive so in the navigator seat i directed Brian to the little junky shop in Narrabeen, and sure enough the only parking was outside St Vinnies....but with the mission of little thingys on my mind we didn't visit, then after everyone was back in the car, I decided I couldn't not have a peak....so meandering around...nope nothing is catching my eye...

When walking out the door what do I spy!!! yep something I have wanted for a couple of years the Cast Iron vintage flower frogs...not one but a set of three....oh you should have seen my excited face....
all rusty and perfect....Mum and Dad didn't understand neither did the Kids but lucky for me hubby with his trusty pocket of change understood....and at bargain prices too....only $5 each so for $15 these cute little rusty treasure came home with me....

I love rusty treasures!!!! Love these things, and love the new possibilities for them. This is very old, Australian made and has a lead base, iron spikes and says on the back " Stayput Products, Melbourne, Aust." I am not sure what I will display in them yet but I love that I have a collection to display.


  1. you lucky lucky girl. I understand i have been on the look out for some of these for years too. Im so jealous. enjoy them

  2. Great hunting Sonia, funny how we are sink, I brought 3 last week. Great for displays!


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