Thursday, March 31, 2011

The days are getting longer

Well actually we are only 2 days short of the end of daylight savings, but with all this work on the Reno's we are certainly burning the candles long and hard.

let's do a recap, bit more than the week long this post....been a tad busy.

going back to last Wednesday, they came and were so quick, doing the floors they looks stunning

And lucky for us it was an out to dinner for a birthday, so we avoided most of the smells of the polyurethane. I did pop buckets around with Eucalyptus in them so it was not too bad when we came home either.

Thursday 24th
For the life of me can't remember what I did.!!! But I know I was super busy!!!
Friday 25th
Flatpak kitchen here we come, we began putting together the cupboards!!!

Also visited at Bunnings and got the bargain column heater for the new deck, and got Carpet Samples.

Family army descended upon us, with helping hands. I painted the skirting boards in the kitchen - well one coat. The Family attacked the back deck, so that its ready for the new one to be built these photos scare me.....LOL what a mess, and there isn't a photo of the skeleton they found or the sewerage overalls that my niece wore, just because she wanted to, or photos of her on the roof!!!

 The clowns were at it again, even my mobile phone camera isn't safe anymore!!!

What a day, finished it off with dinner with my parents and a live show - Reg and Nancy, I enjoyed it but I did feel that it was a wind up - Reg didn't really perform as much as he has in the past.
What a day, up early as all the family were still here, so that's 10 to shower. The kids were heading to the Zoo, us grown up girls had our monthly sewing bee, and the boys were putting the kitchen together. So before all that could start it was breakfast, and I still had 2 coats of paint to get on the skirting boards in the kitchen. (nobody else wanted to put paint anywhere near the shiny new I got in and did those whilst Al was out cooking breakfast, one coat down and I was called for breakfast, so I went to wash up and stepped over the vacuum which seems to be an ornament in the middle of the floor at the moment, as we are constantly cleaning up something, but on my return to the table, I went to step over and nope tripped, went down like a very huge sack of spuds, hurting everything in the process. But I soldiered on, at breakfast, then chopped up the veggies for the Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls that I was taking to the sewing bee luncheon, then straight down on the floor and did the 2nd coat of paint on the skirts, well I think shock started to hit in around, then I had a shower, and then limped to the car, got to the sewing bee and ended up on a lounge with painkillers and a quilt over me.....out for the count I was, not much sewing was done by me, and needless to say no share of photo either.  But I will complete and share again soon.
We also managed to eat out for dinner that night (thanks to a valued friend) lots of veggies and a wonderful Sunday roast lamb!!
Well the boys worked a storm and this little video is footage of the kitchen so far.- care of Miss Bianca.

Still feeling rather sore and sorry for myself and bruised internally, shoulder and knee were quiet painful, I decided not to go to Sewing, as Bianca's uni graduation outfit needed to be ordered, so it was a trip into the city, then across to Ikea, to order the units for above the fridge - many hours later and without the help of the wonderful staff we have had we then had to load so much into the car it was ridiculous - But Bianca and I struggled, I don't have the photos of her but she does, sadly we travelled I think quiet illegally but she did have a seat belt on. Once home we proceeded to build the units we purchased.
I decided I needed a sanity break and headed off to my Monday night Quilting group.
CeasarStone Benches were to be measured today, after rising early to let them in, we received a phone call letting us know the guy had called in sick, so no measure up today. Back to working on the flatpaks - but we think the unhelpful service from Monday has caused issues. So lots of head scratching, moving of boxes and furniture but not much achieved on the big scale.
Well another morning, and lots to do - first up was working out if we had the wrong items...still think we do.
I had been requested to attend the police station for a statement, so it was out get that done, then it was a few groceries, and a gift or two, home  just in time for the Ceasarstone Guy to measure up. Then it was phone Ikea and discuss the purchases - yup we had been sold the wrong units - so load it all into the car, built and all, and return - so another day down, in the storm loaded with built units we headed back and returned - then back up to the planning floor and re planned the fridge areas and pantry - then it was back to the warehouse for a reload and home - exhausted much I WAS!!!
Well that's today, we have managed to almost completely remove the built in wardrobe from the old bedroom that is now the dining room. package up most of the items, redesign and rebuild the pantry units - finely its right. Start restocking that, sort and cull lots of things, and as I type up this blog, their is the 5th load in the machine and the 4th in the drier for the day, Brian and Bianca are painting some architrave around the door frame, the lounge ceiling (old house cracks) has been bogged ready to sand in the morning, the plaster has been set on the extension of the wall near the kitchen. We are all tired but I am so excited and proud my little girl graduate Uni tomorrow - I can't wait.!!! share pics tomorrow night!!!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading all that! Not long to go now though. Can't wait to see it all finished.
    That means I have to get my butt over to your place......I will.......really.
    K xx

  2. Sonia I am exhausted reading about your week! Can't wait to see the end result of the reno. Absolutely love your floor. Hope the coming week runs more smoothly and also that you have no lingering problems associated with your fall! Take care xxx


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