Saturday, October 15, 2016

Food Adventures Tramsheds Harold Park

You know that as a family we love our food adventures, so when I saw that there was a new food precinct opening in Sydney it went to the top of the lists to visit. So last weekend, whilst we had chores planned, we decided a great reward to work towards was a late afternoon/early dinner at The Tramsheds was it.

Little did I know that perhaps a little planning might have been needed... but we were lucky. The website link shows that they are open from 10am till late. We left home at 4ish. so next time we know that the dinner service doesn't start till 5.30 but that's OK we headed to Forest lodge near Glebe and visited the most amazing restoration style converted Tramsheds that were originally built in 1904, filled with awesome Eye feasting food vendors... That you can literally watch create your meals... this was the baker at Dust working the sour-dough loaves just seeing the amazing stone ground mills was awesome - Then the Chef at Flour Eggs Water, creating some Pappardelle, that we soon ate.

So even at 5 o clock on Saturday evening, there were still quiet a lot of people just wandering around checking out the building, coffee was available and so was wine. 
The venue line up for meals was amazing...

Belles Hot Chicken
Bodega 1904 with a climate controlled wine room Just eye candy
Butcher and the Farmer
Chambers Cellars (Mitch and Dylan were in awe at was available here - Dylan did pick up a tipple)
Fish and Co
Flour Egg & Water ( we dined here)
Gelato Messina
Medical Centre
Mama's Buoi
Moe & Co
Naked Foods
Osaka Trading Co
Sir Chapel
and a Boxing Gym

After a stroll around, and eyeing off doughnuts that were a take home treat, Dylan's tipple that he couldn't resist and just watching the chefs through the glass into kitchens that sparkled. It was all just amazing... of course we soon realised that booking was a must... but lucky for us we managed to nab the last 5.30 booking at Four Egg & Water... oh my!!!

After a little wait and some more watching of the ravioli being made.. .time went quickly, we were not the only ones not too book thought and few people were disappointed at missing out. 

NOTE - book next time or just take fates hand a eat where you can get in... everything looked amazing.
Sitting down to the long family style table, we were greeted with a little plate of the most deliciously fluffy focaccia bread with chilli oil, whilst the waitresses were very attentive and helped us recommending the on tap featured wine from italy that would perfectly complement the Pappardelle, and coming by the glass or in 2 different sizes, it works out well for those sharing. The Pappardelle which Bianca, Mitch and Dylan couldn't go past was the softest pasta served with slow cooked lamb ragu. Yep it really was amazing and well worth its $33 price tag.

Brian had Penne with Beef Cheeks and I had Linguine Nero with Calamari - the softest ever.. just delicious.

Although we had decided on the doughnuts and a coffee to go home with... the waitress did her job and recommended the most popular dessert - seems she did her job well. We only shared 2 between 5 but oh my we could have all eaten one on our own... it was just amazing.

This simply presented dessert known as the Cremino was the cappuccion that it appeard but an amazing layered dish, of Chocolate Hazlenut ganache, salted caramel ice-cream, crushed amaretti biscuits and then finished with Italian meringue, which from our seats we could see being constructed and torched. at only $15 its the most amazing sweet treat.
Shoot the Chef exhibition was on, this was a great one for us to look at, as Dylan's Apprenticeship chef, actually was in this exhibition a few years back and Dylan's arms featured in the photograph that was taken in the end - lots of photo editing created a great result. The Exhibition is on display till the 17th October.

So we will be back, and we will remember to book, GPS doesn't register the address, seems The Crescent is the street you want not Dalgal Way, to get to the parking. Although paid parking was available we managed to fluke street parking.
The Tramsheds 1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge NSW Open 7 days 10 am until late


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