Thursday, October 20, 2016


Off on the road again, this time we were headed to a market in Blackville at the annual Blackville Arts and Market day. As it is a long hike from home we were invited to stay with Kate and Kurt in Quirindi for the night on the Saturday and got to spend some quality time with both Kate and Kurt. Bianca and I were treated to some beauty time whilst the boys watched a bit of sport on the telly and drank a few bevies. Then we all caught up for a spot of lunch at the local, before we headed out to see a bit of the country that both Kurt and Kate love. This included the beautiful Angus Cattle that Kate recently purchased.

A little bit of bush bashing in the Polaris to check out the beautiful property, and the quarry, it really was breathtaking. Such views.

Then of course we moved onto more enjoyable things.. like bubbles whilst watching my family pick up guns and do a spot of clay shooting.... now this was something new for all of us, except Mitch who is a country boy.  So I enjoyed my bubbles. whilst Kurt and Kate showed us how it was done. Then Bianca and Mitch had turns before Brian just shocked us all. over 40 rounds and only 3 misses, even Kate with here double wham-my random directions couldn't make him miss any. I think he really found something that could be very addictive for him.

Forever Always Online Adirondack Love Seat 
Of course the chair we sold Kate and Kurt is just in the most perfect location up on the hill, where apparently the stress from a hard day disappears very well. Just as a freshly cooked early breakfast makes the world appear so much more amazing. Love when something we have made with love makes somebody else enjoy it and life so much.

And who wouldn't enjoy the life we all love when you can sit back and enjoy an amazing meal and company with this view... oh what a way to start a busy few days travelling the amazing country we call home. Country New South Wales .... WE LOVE YOU.

Within what seemed very little time the colours of the countryside 
changed amazingly with the setting of the sun.

It was then up bright and early - we even watched the moon head to bed as we travelled some amazing countryside heading into Blackville. This photo just doesn't capture what the moon really was like at this time of the morning... just breathtaking.

The country folk came in large numbers to begin their Christmas shopping and celebrate the Blackville Arts and Markets day.... we really enjoyed chatting with all the locals. Thank you to all the wonderful shoppers that supported us this trip, and yes we plan to be back in 2017.

Biggest Seller of the day, was definitely our wonderful Rustic Christmas Angels which sold our within the first 30 minutes of the market being open.

And then for us it was the beginning of the next leg of our Road trip... through the Liverpool Plains, which were spectacular, all though the beauty of the views only marginally removed the stresses of travelling over dirt roads with a trailer in tow and low fuel on roads we had never passed before and not knowing where the next fuel stop was... lets just say, country folk are whiling to stop for random strangers waving them down to chat about the next fuel stop and helping us gauge if we could make it. YES we did, but my nerves and white knuckles on the steering wheel where all a bit stressful.

Lucky that when we arrived in the still of the night and hit the bed in Nyngan, my stress was soon washed away the next morning by this little cheeky miss and the memories we created in the short few days I stayed with her and her Family.... soon had me in a happy place.
hours of fun can be had with a simple deck of cards, snap, go fish and memories

Country walks verse Sea walks, both have there blessings. this baby Foal was just too cute.
Not all my time was filled with this little miss... I did spent lots of time with all the family, Amie even showed me how to make Feta... oh my I think a cheese course is in my future. Well we do love our cheese in this house.
Amie was also insistent that we set up another Pop UP shop in Nyngan, I love that Amie is so Supportive of my little business, as are the many locals that popped into Amies to do a little shopping. Thanks to all that were supportive.

Then it as on to farewells and back on the road to home. So for those that ask, yes we do rack up the KM's in our little car with the convoy of Forever always Online supplies. And we do love it. Thankfully, a lot the country roads are getting worked on to make our travels smoother. What a sight these big rigs are on the open country roads... on mass. Trucks a plenty.

Road tripping is all about collecting the next instalment of vintage reclaimed old wares into the vision of new items... these beauties will be featured at the coming markets.... wedding props, displays, chalkboards, and of course lots more Rustic Christmas Angels.

NOTE :- If there is ever an item that you would like to purchase, please email me to enquire, if the item is no longer available we may be able to custom create something similar for you. All items are available to post out using Australia Post rates to your postcode. 
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