Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 more days of Renovations....

Totally over it already, it's certainly a big job.

But the week gone we have achieved little but a lot, if that makes sense, it doesn't look like loads, but each job has taken it's time!!!

I went to sewing and with the help of the quilting ladies managed to get my 3 layers pinned and ready for quilting....its such a good feeling.
Kitchen front - it was power time, so the day was spent putting in new power points. Sounds small but it's bigger than it sounds. Home in time to find Mr D had forgotten his key to his tool box for Tafe, so it was onto the Mall, to literally throw the keys at him as I drove passed. Then I had an hour to kill before picking up Miss B, so I purchased a book - like I needed a new one to distract me LOL and a coffee and chilled it was nice.
Can recommend it, drew me in totally in that hour Left Neglected by Lisa Genova at it was reduced by 35%

Up early with a load of rubbish for the tip, and supplies to be got at Bunnings, and maybe I could squeeze into spotlight, and the fruit and veg on Mona Vale Road.....hold on put the breaks on the plans, Hubby is in the kitchen waffling to himself, yep that's how he works, measuring for the umpteenth time to be sure his shopping list is sorted - argghhhh, he decides that it is easier to pull down the old ceiling

....just look at the mess, so needless the 8am heading out the door early ended up midday, did the tip, and Bunnings, and the veg...no spotlight trip, too exhausted and not enough hours in the day. Home to tidy and clean up some more dust.

Hubby has to actually attend major training for work, so it's home alone for me and Miss B, so she catches up on some reading, as do I, that book has roped me in!!! Finished  of the washing, ironing and make this little fabric basket for a birthday Gift. This Fabric range is Sweet Broderie and I purchased it on Monday from Corrie, of RetroMummy during her clearance sale - one of the little pleasure stops that I did fit in!! :)

Before Mum and Dad arrived with tools to help out. Dad got in and with Bianca's help chopped down a tree fern that is was in the way of the new deck. Hubby home and he set out the next day's chores for the Grandpa and Granddaughter work duo. And the shopping list for Bunnings for Mum and I.
Another day of Training for Hubby. And the Granddaughter/Pa Duo are up and at it, drilling and nailing in the last of the floorboards. Lining the walls. They work well together and it is a pleasure to watch.

Bunnings for Mum and I, oh and a coffee and spotlight treat too. Bunnings is just another story all together, why is it that some of the sales assistants are wonderful but others just couldn't be bothered, managed to run into both on this trip, the good did out way the bad, but boy was he bad!!!
Dinner at the club tonight...got to work our way around this no kitchen thing somehow.
Surprise visit from My sister, which was lovely, moved some things around making more empty space downstairs....more work was done on the lining of the walls. And another trip to the hardware store.!!!
Mum and Dad headed home, leaving us to it, I spent the day painting the timber I purchased on Thursday for the fret work frame over the doorway. Hubby continued with the last of the fiddly bits, one last floorboard, and the last of the lining of the walls.
Dropping and picking up of children, another trip to the hardware store, connecting and installation of the new down lights, and the replacement extractor fan. I fought with my timber project but I won...and with Hubby's and Mr D's help it was installed.......oh so pretty!! Just more painting to be done!

Then it was pickup from work for the teens and we headed off to my sisters for the 14th Birthday dinner for my Niece, she loved her fabric basket filled with Nail treats....one happy niece with new nails painted for school. We enjoyed a lovely homemade hamburger, her dinner choice, with some wonderful chocolate cake with vanilla icing and strawberries....well this picture shows a little of the laughter (yes laughing so hard the photo is blurry) of the two eldest grandchildren performing food fights in front of their grandparents the laughter was endless...yes I have a special family and the laughter was good medicine for us all!!

the trip home in the rain, left me playing with the camera and I managed to snap these funky lights.

The new ceiling went in, and more washing, ironing and dusting, we now have working lights!! I won't mentioned the stuffed up sheets of gyprock from the tiredness we are dealing with that created another trip to Bunnings for more gyprock, in the rain, the ruined sheet that didn't even make it in the house due to it being sodden....but I did say I wouldn't mention it!!!! STRESSED MUCH

That's today, so today, Hubby hopes to achieve the cornice up, and the gyprock joins, we are behind schedule as the flooring company comes tomorrow to sand and apply the polyurethane, to the kitchen....and we had hoped to have painted everything but it's just not going to happen. But we will have 3 days off from the kitchen, so we are hoping that the rain will stay away, so we can work on the deck area...yes I have more washing, and ironing and cleaning to do today too. So RAIN please go away!!! I need to get it all dry and not in the drier would be nice!!!
I also have sewing homework to complete for my monthly sewing group that is this coming weekend.
Hope your week was less stressed than mine!!!


  1. Nice to see it all coming together Sonia. can't wait to see it finished!

    K xx

  2. Hellow, I love your "thoughts", things and blog!! Your home are coming special! Hugs from Italy, Varla Lee a new follower.


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