Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Week comes to an end

Well the time if flying by here....way too quickly for my liking.

after the mess of the last few days and the hectic weekend and lack of sleep, I needed just to chill, I think I managed a couple of loads of washing and that's about it. Fitted in a little reading...just can't get into the Irish one yet, so some more quilt series for me

 Just steered clear of the mess in the kitchen, and tried to work on the new deck design, but ended up with a huge headache as the programmes I was using were just not working for me, ended up with back to pen and paper - think I have a kind of design worked out. Brian & Bianca made a start on getting the timber floor laid.

Brian worked on finishing of the timber floor down with his trusty tradie assistant Miss Bianca, they are working well.

I got creative and worked on the 21st Birthday invites....just a little finishing off to do now. The burning the edges is taking it's time, but the incense sticks work wonderfully even if a little slow and a little strong on the smell.

The old window and door came out and the new window went in.

I cleaned and sorted and cleaned and did I mention cleaned...arggh - washed and ironed and tidied..YUP exhaustion plus today. Orders packed and ready for posting for Forever Always.

Drizzle on and off and the banging started outside - at least it was undercover so the bricking up of the doorway still began.

So I had a few smalll projects that need working on so that's what I worked on, tracing the sticheries and then sitting back and doing a little stitch work while watching some mind numbing TV....and more work on the invites.
The finishing of the brick word above the window was done today, and then a trip to Bunnings and spotlight. Bunnings for the supplies for tomorrow - plumbing is on the agenda, and also the borders on my quilt so it was border fabric and wadding - bargain was had - got to love a bargain 20% off the wading plus my $10 spotlight bonus, and the girl didn't charge me for the metre of fabric, think luck was on my side.
Movies with the family tonight whilst we all burnt the edges of a few more of those invites - who's idea for treasure maps i wonder????
Wow, up and out of the house at 8am, groceries at Aldi, dropped Miss B at the bus (she was off to the Art Museum to see the Terracotta Warriors) Home again, then out again, to drive Master D to work and finish the groceries at Coles. Home again - Brian had managed to get a couple of loads of washing done for me, before he hit the plumbing - disconnecting the old taps and relocating the new ones and the water for the filtered water in the NEW Fridge.

I managed to work on the borders - yep all ready to pin the 3 layers tomorrow and start quilting...look how pretty.

Here is shot showing the backing - nice light pink brushed cotton - recycled from the Salvos - at only $1.50 it's got to be the cheapest backing on a quilt I have ever done, and then the bright red and pink dot on the binding.
This is a photo of the finished little projects I worked on as well. Getting in early and finishing off a couple of Christmas Gifts.


  1. you have got lots done the TTS stitcheries........did you share the project on the group???

  2. sounds like lots of busyness at your house Sonia, can't wait to see your kirchen..


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