Monday, March 07, 2011

Huge Week - image heavy post

Wow what a week, so much happening and not enough time to blog sorry....but here is a quick rundown.

Tuesday, I felt a little ill, think i got a stomach bug or perhaps just an overdose of excitemnt and anxiety but whatever it was, it knocked me down for the day, but I did manage a haircut, but even that didn't get me going, ususally it would, so I napped in the afternoon.

Wednesday I was picked up by Paula and headed into Darling Harbour for a nice catchup and coffee, and then we met with Belinda Boyce, so nice to meet IRL. We enjoyed a nice lunch in Darling Harbour before we all went our seperate ways. I was Collected by Brian and Bianca and we headed off to put the finishing touches to our Kitchen Plan, we ordered and paid for it SO YIPPEE it's committment time!!! Then we celebrated with a nice Chinese Dinner got to love impeccable service and a nice bottle of images really but this is the colour of the Ceasarstone Benches in our new kitchen to be.. Almond Rocca

Thursday  I spent some time in the Studio with Anne. I worked on a few pages for the Flood Relief Albums. Which was nice to be out in the quiet, while Hubby and kids worked on packing and emptying the kitchen in preparation of the work to begin!!!

Here are some of the pages that I completed at the last 12 hour Crop as well as today.

And this cute Birthday Card for a little man who is turning 2 this weekend who has a love of Elephants.

Friday a day at home, alone should be very production....apart from a few distractions - Timber floor rep came and gave me a quote on my floors, yes that's one less job we need to do... the professionals are coming in to complete them. Delivery of all the new kitchen in flat pack form, hell of a lot of boxes came through my door. Worked on a shared quilt project, managed to square it up and sew on the 2 outside borders, it's ready to be sent off for quilting now lucky for me Corrie is going to Stipple Quilt it on her machine.!! I have traded to do the binding on a few quilts in to bind!!!
Saturday - Robyn, Margot and Lizzi joined me for the 12 hour crop in the studio, whilst Brian and the kids removed the existing kitchen!!!

These are the pages I completed at the crop

 Then I completed these 4 covers and also back covers (not pictured)
 You can see more on the albums over at this blog post 

Sunday I realised that although I had worked like a trouper I had not replenished with enough water, so was woken with a major headache, and whats worse i knew that I had things to do and was going to be in a house full of noise...yep Brian worked like a trooper and created enough dust to fill 10 houses I think cutting out the old concrete floor...making channels so that the old floor boards we have collected can be matched up to the existing ones in the new kitchen.

I popped out for a while and enjoyed a coffee, the noise and dust just weren't working for me. Then came home and worked like a trojen on my my Gingham Girls Quilt - finished all but two borders on it,
then it was cleaning up of dust, washing catchup and binding of the Rising Flood Waters Albums for delivery tomorrow.

Then it was get to bed!!!


  1. OMG the quilt looks great!!! YAY for the Corrie Swap too :o) I am so loving your other one :o) Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.... and one day in real life too :o)
    Miss you
    Hugs Amie xx

  2. Busy, busy! Love what you have done :)

  3. the quilt looks fantastic! I love your bright breezy fabrics Sonia, terrfic!


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