Friday, April 01, 2011

Graduation PROUDNESS

Words can't describe how PROUD I am of my daughter today!

Let me tell you... it was a long morning, and I help back tears, keeping my emotions in control, I was so excited for Bianca, yep I am welling up know as I write this!!! But letting the happy tears fall now, as I can't be reprimanded by anyone now!!! Just looking at these photos and trying to put into words how proud I am well they are falling easily now.

The ceremony was wonderful, and sharing lunch after with my sister and parents even more so, just knowing how proud we all were.

I can't believe how putting on that gown made her look so grown up, and how beautiful she looked – and here come the floodgates!! She was sooooo tall, so confident, so happy! Ear to ear grin, let alone the looks on her Grandparents or Us for that matter....We just wished she had allowed us to do the WHOOP WHOOP yelling that other parents (not many) did.!!!
Worth all the late night rants over extended time lines and stress......very very Proud did I mention how proud!!!

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  1. congrats.........very exciting news..........


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