Wednesday, December 28, 2005

{sick but happy}

ok, Christmas eve saw me travel across to my sisters - and on the way i felt a little bit of a sore throat thing happening - we arrived and i love the excitement of the kids when they get together - and i love the fact that we have encouraged the i believe in santa feelings from our childhood - both my sister and i are constant in our if you don't believe in santa he won't come - and the general excitement from Bianca who will soon be 16 to jazz my niece who is 8 was the same - it was wonderful -

after our traditional reading of the night before Christmas - we did the milk, cake and carrots for the jolly man before tucking all 4 children into some makeshift beds in my sisters toy room.

Before us grownups settled down to watch some of the carols - myself wilting rather quickly with a head cold coming on - temperature was going up, itchy eyes and a runny nose - not the way i planned to spend Christmas day - off to bed to be awoken about 3am by the young ones snooping under the tree - well trying to get them back to sleep was a nightmare - on went the movie of scrooge in the play room - so the grownups could catch another hour or 2 the deal was not to get up before 5.30 when my mum and dad were due to arrive. Up and unwrapping started - oh the joy and excitement. this is my favourite part of the day - although i was as sick as a dog (Santa heard my wish for a digital slr - and dear hubby delivered it - yeah i brightened up and started snapping with over 90 pics for the day- i am sure there is plenty of scrapping pages in that lot.

Even tried to play with bauble reflections - not bad when blown up - yes that's me and my dad in the bauble.

lunch - well divine that it was - but i was really dying by now and had a nap - only to wake feeling worse with plans of staying at my sisters another night - the kids played and were put too bed around 10pm and by 10.30 i decided it was home to my bed was the only place i wanted to be (you know when your really sick and that's the only place you want to be) so we packed up the car and headed home.

Boxing day arrived and sonia just veged napping and playing with the kids on and off.

27th i don't remember much - Dylan played at being an archeologist - and i took some pics

today well of to the drs - major antibiotics for me and ear drops for Bianca - she has an ear ache - water in the ear poor baby - not much happening and finally feel up to the blogging thing -

so now i find i have been
tagged - thanks ange

Never in my life ... have i been more scared than when a few years back and Dylan went into torticollis and was first diagnosed with intervertebral disc calcification Syndrome, and they actually didn't know what it was to start with - and he had to perform like a monkey in a huge auditorium before about 30 specialists - he was so scared and i was more so for him.

When I was Five ... now that is a long time ago - hmmm can't actually remember anything specific but playing in a neighbourhood full of kids much the same age (although i was the eldest in the street) but there was always someone in the street to play with - nothing like where we are living now... i really wonder what our kids are missing.

High School is .... a life time ago - and not one i would want to live through again.

I once met .... this guy and we became like best of friends and then he asked me to marry him, and i said yes and we are still very much in love - even though today is driving me up the wall. (but i still love him - as he is out in this heat digging holes for the new Forever Always Studio)

Once in a bar .... at the age of 25 a girlfriend and i both with toddler aged boys were sitting at the bar and had just ordered our drinks when a bouncer came up between us and put his arms around us and said "excuse me girls, but could i please see your id - well we both laughed out loud and thought if he only new here i was 25 , girlfriend was 28 and we had just left our hubbys at home with the kids to have a few drinks and a nice dinner out - and here he was asking for id - oh when we are young we wish to be older but when we are older to be thought of as younger talk about giving us a buzz for the night.

Last night ... was Tuesday night and nothing on telly so i put my head cold self to bed early.

When I turn my head right ...I see my son on the daybed watching cartoons on the tv and two very hot cats sprawled out on the floor infront of the draft of the AC

When I turn my head left ... I see my daughter painting by colour a canvas from Freedom.

A better name for me would be... sicko - i hate being sick and am not a good patient.

I have a hard time understanding .... men - i love him and i can't live with out him - but understand him i don't

You know I like you if .... i can remember your phone number.

Take my advice .... love what you do and do it everyday - but look after your health first.

If you spent the night at my home .... we would eat well, and finish with lots of chatting, chocolate and a good glass of wine.

I always make a point to ... Kiss and hug my kids before i or they leave to go somewhere - even if its not so cool at school - they know its a mum thing.

Not a day goes by that I don't .... read something - emails or a book - reading before i go to bed it a routine kind of like cleaning my teeth twice a day.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than .... I'ld rather not lick it's belly at all I hate cockroaches!!! I wouldn't be anywhere near them! ditto to ange - i screamed at the thought of just reading this one.

And by the way ... thanks for all the wonderful comments about my blog - glad that you love reading about my thoughts - especially when i am sick it makes me feel special.


  1. glad to hear you had a great Xmas Sonia. Not so good that you were sick. I know how you feel as i am coming down with a similar thing today.

    and lucky you on the camera, you are gonna love it
    which one did you grt

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Debra said....(cant remember my password)
    What a lucky gal.....a new digital dream present. You must have been a very good girl this year....well down. Cant wait to see it.

    I am sorry to hear that you weren't well boxing day...I hope you got over the bug quickly.


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