Saturday, December 24, 2005

{merry christmas}

well the wrapping is almost done, and i think i can share my gift giving ideas now as family shouldn't be reading this before christmas day now.

I have been creating some jewellery this christmas - but realised i had already wrapped most of it before taking a snap of my creations - this is the two that i still had to wrap -

Bianca's request for a Lime greenclock Altered with the basic grey lollipop shoppe paper - was obviously one that only mum could do - not sure if santa knows how to alter clocks. It was fun doing it - thanks Ange and Jenni for your comments on the extras but as you see time didn't allow me to finish it - its now wrapped and packed in the box to travel out to my sisters tomorrow for our family christmas. Along with all my other gifts - here it is at 1.40am on christmas eve - Well my friends and lurking bloggers - thanks for all the lovely comments thus far this year - I wish you all a Merry and Safe Christmas Day -till i get back to you next
take care.


  1. Love how the clock turned out.

  2. Sonia the clock looks great as does the bling! :)

    Hmm gonna have to make me some bling! lol :)


  3. glad you both liked the clock - bianca loved it - now just to get it too work - seems i have broken the time piece in my alteration - damn - oh well now i have to buy a new clock piece to fix it - its hanging up anyway - she loves it. AS to the bling - glad you loved yours when it arrived to day - funny what you wish for isn't it - hugs to you and merry christmas ange.

    love sonia


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