Friday, December 30, 2005

{brighter cooler days}

with all my sad thoughts about closing the shop in Dee Why - there are loads of benefits - but the one that has me jumping for joy today (well not physically mind you) is that for 14 years we have discussed getting an airconditioner for home - and its always only been when the days are hot - but with the sh0p the first hot day saw me get and AC installed there - well guess what i get to move it - well hubby did - and he is in my very good books today - as yesterday whilst waiting for his concrete footings for the studio to set he cut a hole in my newly painted wall upstairs and created a huge mess - but look at the finished product - now for me to feel better enough to get the paint out and put a coat on the wall.

yeah for cooler days

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  1. Congratulations on the airconditioner~!! It makes all the world of difference on them hot days.

    ( We finally got one last year and we love it. )


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