Saturday, December 31, 2005

{Your idea gallery layout has been selected}

Yeah!!! what a way to start the day!
i often send layouts into the Basicgrey Gallery - and usually always get one accepted but i sent in three yesterday and have had 2 accepted - so today i recieved 2 emails with this content

Congratulations, your layout has been selected to appear in our on-line
gallery at! We
appreciate your time and talent and thank you for using BasicGrey papers and
embellishments.Sincerely,The BasicGrey Team


  1. congratulations on the basic grey gallery I will have to go and check them out. Also woohoo on the aircon at home Im sure you will enjoy it immensely up there as well as the whole family.

  2. Congratulations~!! It's always nice to have others notice and appreciate ones work.

  3. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Debra said.....(still cant remember password)
    wow great news congratualtions (although not surprised) your creativity cup is always flowing over. Here's cheers and I hope you a keeping cooooooool

  4. thanks for the comments girls - too true deborah its very nice to be appreciated (sometimes we doubt our work)

    thanks for you comments they are appreciated - and yes we are keeping cooler.


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