Wednesday, January 04, 2006

{finally getting better}

Well tonight for the first time since christmas eve am i starting to feel good - i have even fiddled with a new layout with the new papers - this is it in progress will share again when done - have more words to add - and some stitching

I have started my new antibiotics - seeing as i had an allergic reaction to the last lot {that saw my face swell due to the saliva glands being infected - ouch it hurt)

i have supervised the loading of a trailer of my MIL stuff that she has hoarded and we just can't keep anymore (tip load) and done a load to saint vinnies -
packed about 200 colours of cardstock and moved some basic furniture out of the shop with the aid of my sister
and helped out with the washers and bolts in the construction of the new Forever Always Studio

have uploaded to the FA NEWS BLOG the latest in the spotlight on the design family

and answered a few emails from the 150 that came in over the passed 2 days ( i promise to answer more tomorrow)

and now my dearest daughter has come home from work (blockbuster video) with a video - Date with Drew - will give you a run down tomorrow

night all

hugs sonia


  1. gab c7:00 am

    looks great sonia, love that ribbon! still laughing at the dinosaur!!!

  2. Wow Sonia you poor thing, i hope the new antibiotics kick in quick and you are back on the road to recovery. Hopefully it will be the first and last sickness for 2006. I have some pictures of ryder doing the Dig i might have to case your lo (lol)


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