Tuesday, May 30, 2017

January 2017

 I am not one for committing to new years resolutions, only knowing that I possibly am setting myself up for failure... LOL we all are guilty I think of starting good but how often do we actually follow through with it.

So when I saw this above image, I felt it really was a great way of looking at 2017 - so here is to more sleep, more music, more tea, more books, more sunsets, more creating, more long walks, more laughter, more hugs, more dreaming, more road trips, more fun and more love.... and let's just say writing this when I am actually already into the fifth month of the year... it's happening and I LOVE IT.

Dream then Do - a new year means 365 days of new possibilities, This is MY time to dream. My chance to inspire, My opportunity for adventure. BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, and CHASE my dreams this year... what are you doing?

With that being said, after being totally in Awe of my friend Kylie on Instagram @indigoandquince and her 366 daily challenge of drawing daily, I decided it was time for me to get back to my love of drawing. So daily I have been sitting and taking time to sketch, sometimes more than one other days life is crazy, but if I take just 15 minutes out and draw I feel much happier. This combined with my daily swimming January was really amazing.

My more Tea - means more Coffee dates too, with these little cherubs... and this little ones hugs are just pure gold, BUT HER laughter Oh I wish I could bottle it.
 More reading - and books get finished...

 Our eating, has got much healthier with our Gluten and Dairy Free Options, happening more and more within the whole household.

 Beach Adventures - lead to wonderful dreams... who did this boot belong too, how long was it in the ocean.... the answers filled many a daydream whilst I was sketching.
 Time outdoors, in this amazing weather... and that means, my garden is getting some much needed love.

 And just more time, with this crazy family that I love to bits... not much longer for me to have them all under my roof.... but I cherish every moment till then.

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