Sunday, May 21, 2017

December 2016 - recap

Yes, its late! With a PC not working, and struggling with my phone and Ipad and blogger, it all got too hard. but let's just say a sewing/office room renovation is happening and it may be almost 6 months late.... but the blog posts are coming back. So let's recap last December.
The Christmas Decorating began in the last week of November so we were on time for Mitch's very first advent. I enjoyed his childlike excitement... it's what Christmas is all about even at 23. A new tree joined the decorating as well. And we also fitted in our Christmas lights enjoyment and strolled the streets, although as the kids have grown there enthusiasm for photographs seems to be waning.

Markets Forever Always Online attended a couple of markets and we made some decisions during this time for 2017 and our Market attendance- we did enjoy the local ones.... but times are changing and so did our signage.

I embraced my Gluten and Dairy free lifestyle and even my Christmas baking reflected this.... Bianca's favourite Pfeffernusse (German Pepper Nut Cookies ) 

Christmas Day - well it could almost have it's own post, but it was amazingly wonderful to have my home filled with all my loved ones and way too many gifts and food.... but hey it's only once a year.!!!

Christmas gifts and Non Scale Victories - my new fitbit, I automatically went for the larger band... and was shocked that the smaller band fit, but not the last hole, a few holes in....I know my lifestyle change is working but sometimes I just don't see the changes. But we are certainly tasting them.... one of the meals we have enjoyed using our leftover Christmas ham, thanks to Chef Dylan.

December also saw the beginning of the more life outdoors, beach sessions, daily sun and swims and my reading has increased again... finishing books feels good. OH and that very neglected garden is seeing some much needed love.

Whilst on the goals of finishing things I have started, even with the heatwave weather, after great outdoor sessions I was happy to sit inside in the Airconditioning, enjoying some quiet stitching, this quilt will get finished next year, but it's moving up the to do list.

And we finally finished off 2016 with family, laughter and fireworks... here is to 2017 being awesome... well I know that I am 5 months in writing this post ans it certainly is going well for me and my  little family.


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}