Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy New Year - roadtripping to Melbourne and back.

Another year is upon us and it seems I had great intentions, but still there are pending post just sitting,  so delayed they be. So happy delayed new year blog world.... this is my year.... new me with a positive outlook on life - there is always a positive in every situation...you just need to find it!!!

Our annual Melbourne Road Trip....in pictures for your perusal, just incase you didn't see it on Facebook.LOL

from start to finish the first sunrise to the last sunset and all the adventures and meals in between we enjoyed the most amazing 15 days


  1. yeh she does still blog............looks like a wonderful holiday..........lots of great pics, food

    1. OK, I laughed and laughed, thinking of you as I blog now!!!! Yep I can still do it. And I am actually working out how to do it from the phone and the Ipad finally - so I am getting better - a couple more posts to come before the weekend... so watch out


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