Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Weekend Away

An October weekend away with Blogger's, Stitcher's, Crafter's, Friend's, Women, we were all like minded and the Internet brought us together through our blogs....yes mine is neglected. 
The Bathurst Bloggers Meet was born, last year was my first time and you can read about that post here.
I am guilty of the Facebook/Instagram change in my life, making blogging a thing of "oh I will do that later", the Ipad notes get made, and I never get to the PC to post them, so hence I have about 5 posts ready for editing with photos to be done. After the wonderful Chooky's comments I will make an endeavour to post more. With the aids of some programmes that Trish recommended. I will Try!!!

All I can say is it was amazing, restful, relaxing and inspiring. With no Mobile phone access, I was so relaxed that I left it in my room most of the weekend, hence this is going to be an almost photo less post.

But I stole this from Kylie and just love it, it sums up, the fun, frivolity and Friendship of a great weekend away.


  1. yes get off the evil and back to blogging............lol.............that was such a great time in Bx......such a great group of girls.............only 184 sleeps to go...........and yes would love to see your blogging...........

    1. Can't believe you are counting already!!! Yes I can actually it was such a great weekend. I am really looking forward to it again. Such a great venue!! Blogging is getting there.


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