Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perfectly Pretty Picnics Showcase - JUNE 15

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting a wonderful lady recently at Belgenny, that fell in love with my range of handmade items. This lady runs an amazing fabric store which coincidently I had stalked and drooled over (and just quietly purchased from - yes another project is coming in the form of the farmers wife quilt you may have seen me share on instagram recently).

Well back to the lovely Eve, and making me feel special by selecting me as one of her Handmaidens in the stunning showcase that she is hosting on facebook. 

Here are my items that will be available to purchase on the 15th June in the FabricDirect Facebook Perfectly Pretty Picnic Showcase, 

so as you can see I have been super busy creating, stitching, and photographing


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}