Tuesday, December 10, 2013

THE WEEK THAT WAS ... according to FMSPhotoaday

2. Where I stood
spent the best part of 4 hours travelling in the car today
3. Silver
I've always been a silver girl, unless of course it's platinum or white gold
4. Tiny
tiny bursts of flavour that bring smoked salmon to life

5. In the cupboard
a collection of glassware some coloured vintage
6. Shadow

end of day shadows, i love daylight savings evening light - little was I to know this door was going to change in two days time!!!
7. 6 o’clock
dinners started at ^pm but now I've remembered to take a photo dinners done ...close enough!!!

8. I shop here, didn't leave the house - but hubby shopped at bunnings

definitely enjoying this months fun with  Fat Mum Slim

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