Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Crafting - Chalk Art, Vintage inspiration and a Tree Skirt

So my tree, might not have gone up on December 1st but I did begin my Christmas Crafting for the house..... Sunday saw me home alone and with no inclination to put the tree up alone, as it has always been a family tradition with glasses of good cheer and carols.... I was feeling a little low.

But with a swift kick in the butt from a friend on Facebook, the carols were pumping and I began with a little crafting..... in the form of Chalk Art, I am really into the Chalk Art craze this year, with digital and real pieces, selling at the markets. But my craze actually began a few years back, when we renovated, I put a chalk wall in my kitchen and painted one of the sides of a vintage cupboard with chalk paint - so as time goes the signs change....so why not start here for Christmas...

It is always hard to wipe away an old art piece to start a new one, but it must be done, so out with the old and I began with a clean surface.  Our family has a huge tradition with the night before Christmas so I decided that was going to be my quote this year.... so I then got to and printed up my fonts on the computer so I have a guide of what I want it too look like, and then out comes the chalk and some patience, it really is a slow and steady art... but I enjoyed the process... and I LOVE the outcome.

and of course the Kitchen had to have a touch of Christmas too.... where better to hang mistletoe

In between finger cramps and chalk dust...LOL those little letters really were testing me .... I had a whim, from Pinterest Christmas Boards and choosing a quote. All hearts come home for Christmas is a true favourite and very apt that my girl will be home just in time to celebrate Christmas.... I found this little gem..and with a large collection of suitcases lying around, and perused them and decided on a whim yes a whim I could paint a suitcase and do my version..... well here is the inspiration and my progress

SOURCE - www.pinterest.com

Then at 5 pm on a Sunday afternoon, I suddenly decide like a mad woman that I can make and create this amazing tree skirt well my twisted version of it, after all, I did purchase the ruler and the fabric back in 2011 for 2012's Christmas - this year it is happening and well, it will perhaps inspire the tree going up!!

Surprisingly it went together rather quickly, but I can't say that the binding did.....it's a long way around by hand....but oh so rewarding.

The Fabric I used yes, I know one of you avid readers will ask.... is Moda Flurry by Kate Spain, mixed with spots that I was given the same Christmas as a gift, which I thought would be the added fabric I needed and it worked perfectly.

I will be back with completed photos of my projects soon....


  1. HI.. I love the idea of your chalk board and love your festive messages on them and on the suit case as well.. the tree skirt looks wonderful.. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much Lizzy, Merry Christmas to you too!!!


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