Friday, December 06, 2013

Hope Quilts Update

Do you remember this quilt from this post, well it found it's owner - yes the lady who quilts most of our quilts by hand and the special lady who actually made this quilt. Was diagnosed with Breast cancer 2 weeks ago, and as we hadn't actually donated this quilt as yet - she asked for it back. I am happy to report that Evelyn has had her breast removed and been given the all clear from the doctors this week, that they have removed it all and that her cancer markers are good. She is not expected back to the Dr's for another 12 months.

Last week we delivered our 30 th hope quilt to the little man who lives across the road from me - here he is snuggled under the quilt. Rory was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with a rare, genetic based cancer called ALK inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour. It will be treated with a tablet called Cryzotinib not chemo with hopefully less side effects. Lots of unknowns but also lots of hope. Two days ago Rory had his first CT scan since commencing his cancer treatment, and the shrinkage was obvious to the untrained eye and this gives us great hope, given Rory has only been on the cancer drug for 13 days. It's still a very big tumour but the game plan is all about shrinking to a point where removal is feasible. Fingers crossed that the current rate of shrinkage continues! 

Still in the ever growing pile of HOPE QUILTS is Quilts 31 & 32, I have them awaiting labels and a little late night hand stitched binding to do.

If you were interested in donating fabric or even sending a stitched heart for our HOPE QUILTS -  please leave a comment or email me for more information..


  1. Hi Sonia ..I would love to donate some fabric for your quilts.What are you looking for? what size do I get? I thought I could donate some backing fabrics or I don't know what I can do I just would love to contribute-love dee x

    1. Dee that would be wonderful, backings are usually about 1.5 metres, but 2 metres, gives us a little extra for binding on another quilt. We are happy with anything, as you can see from the images about colours, we work with what we can. We do prefer 100% cotton, as it is much nicer to snuggle under.


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