Friday, August 02, 2013

Stitch-A-Long JUNE & JULY completed

Well it's been a bit of a finishing off week for me with sewing. I've been sewing for pleasure not work which is a change but which is why I am so far behind in my Stitch-A-Long projects.

 June's Stitch-A-Long  was delayed due to my order of Crushed Walnuts, and I am so glad I waited... I love the filling and how my pincushion now feels. I just wished I had persevered in the hunt for it before as it really does make a lovely pincushion filling. - You'd be surprised I picked up two pincushions today and thought can I be bothered to unpick and refill them....only thing stopping me is I won't have enough - hoping that I will be able to find some tomorrow at the Mad Quilters Gathering

I did modify the pattern from Natalie Bird's RED HOME Little House Pincushion, and only stitched the design instead of  the needle turned appliqué that it is meant to be, I wasn't in the mood for it...funny I have just started the Lynette Andersons Block of the Month Chateau Hexagon, only 1 month behind on it, but I am finally in the needle turned appliqué mood. I have used some of my precious French General fabric it was a La Belle Fleur Charm pack, remainder is now on my desk - what to do with it....maybe a heat pack or two, can I bear to part with it and pop them in the Market box.... ????

July's Stitch-A-Long  has been fun, I really enjoyed doing the hexagons and I have been slowly working on it of a night alternating with Work for my pleasure stitching really takes a back seat. This project really was only a little one really. When I tally up the hours - not many.
July's Stitch-A-Long project comes from the Tis the Season book by Natalie Bird and is the Chilly Penguins Bag - OK so I didn't want a Christmas bag - and I loved this little pussy stitchery from the Red Home book, and mixed it up with Moda Vintage Modern by bonnie & camille

 And after my helper hasn't left my side, you can see why I liked the pussy stitchery, but I may have to rename the bag the Bella Bag - LOL as she is not letting it go just yet.


  1. great projects and yes the walnut is lovely....have fun at the mad quilters thingy.....

    1. Thanks Chooky, had a wonderful time, of course the stash has grown :)


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