Monday, April 22, 2013

Quilts of Love or Hope Quilts

Every Monday that I can I attend with a group of 12 - 15 ladies a sewing group in Campbelltown Library. Back in December 2011 we started making what we refer to as Quilts of Love or Hope Quilts, over the last 15 months, we have parcelled up our love and hope to many families.

I was asked recently where we got our supplies from and how we chose to give out the quilts. 

Our supplies come from our own stashes, and also from our weekly dues that we pay (rental of our hall, tea &; coffee, teachers fees etc) there is always a little extra. But we were also fortunate enough at the end of last year you have an article in the local paper, which sparked some community interest and we have since received a few donations of fabric - so if you are wishing to donate some fabric please contact me.

How our recipients are chosen, well sadly I am sure if you think about the statistics of Cancer and Terminal illnesses of late - I think its' every 1 in 2 are diagnosed, you only need to ponder on that a moment. To realise there are many in need. And almost every other week we have somebody who knows somebody who is diagnosed or recently found out. our list just grows.

Here is a dedication roll to the those that have received quilts from us...I think I have photographed each and every one of our made with Love Hope Quilts!!

 List of Love,  So far we have quilted and stitched 19 quilts filled with love and hope.
Quilts 1 & 2 for Al December 2011

Quilt 3 for Zac December 2011

Quilt 4 for MUM January 2012

Quilt 5 for Janet February 2012

 Quilts 6 & 7 Donated to the Palliative Care Unit in Camden March  2012

Quilt 8 for Princess Lexie's September 2012
Quilts 9 for Princess Lexie's Benefit Night Donation 
September 2012
Quilt 10 for Princess Kosher Love-Lopes
October 2012
Quilt 11 for  Iris December 2012

 Quilt 12 for Kerry December 2012
(pieced & quilted by Joan with blue/red binding NOT photographed)
Quilt 13 for a Family Friend January 2012
(green with brown/red floral binding NOT photographed)
Quilt 14 for Evelyn  labelled incorrectly but edited and fixed. January 2012

Quilt 15 for Sue
February 2013

Quilt 16 for Lorraine
March 2013
Pink binding .

Quilt 17 for Matthew
March 2013
shades of green floral green binding

Quilt 18 Colin
March 2013 shades of green with a stripe binding. 

Quilt 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 
are all in my care awaiting labels and binding....

If you were interested in donating fabric or even sending a stitched heart -  please leave a comment or email me for more information..


  1. These are all stunning Son. Let me know what I have to do

  2. LOVE ALL the LOVE that has been SHARED !


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