Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Weekend Fun

Wow what a weekend - started with construction of Ikea furniture on Thursday.

Friday was Groceries, Cleaning and Cooking then Entertaining. Spoilt our guests with the Poh's Masterchef dessert The Aria Chocolate Tart, modified to include raspberries - we loved it!!!

Saturday spent time with a girlfriend shopping at the mad quilters gathering in Penrith, and shop I did,

I finally have my own copy of Red Home, which is already looking dog-eared (well if you know me that's not possible) but I have read lots and am just waiting for a splurge on some more red fabric to start creating I can't decide if it's going to be the pin-cushion or the table centre.

I also managed to get my hands on a Tilda My sewing box Tin, more on that soon, I am going to alter the inside to make it a perfect carry along sewing tin. 
I also did a class with Sue Bennett from Miss Sampson's Drapery.
I have looked many a time at a Mariners Compass Quilt and thought of all the hard work involved. But I was very amazed, when I sat in the class, and was given a kit of just fabric all pre-cut, and no templates - I was sure I was in for lots of hand piecing, but NO - WOW we managed to complete half the block OK it's not the big 32 point I had imagined, but I was still amazed at how quick it went together - now to work on doing something with it, before I forget how

Sunday, I started to feel a little off, the beginnings of a cold taking hold I think, or perhaps its just sinus from the early popping wattle that was everywhere on the free way home from Penrith. So I did a spot of pottering.
I managed to do a vintage green display on my new plate rack which I love, my son doesn't understand the concept of a new cupboard for old junk - but hey what's he know!

Then I sat back and did a spot of scrapping, and yes my new cupboard works just like I imagined it would.

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