Monday, February 29, 2016

December reviewed

So as I keep attempting to stay on tesk with blogging, hoping I can manage it in 2016, so let's get December reviewed. We hit December with a massive clipping in the yard and an attempt to get some more of this slow paint the house project done.
The resident bush turkey, was thrown by the new paint job. But still managed to use our yard as a shortcut to the reserve behind us.
Ice and exercise - not necessarily in that order but yes I'm still at it in my home gym and with Pilates classes once a week.

Resting times, meant I got to keep up with my orders, ELLY the elephant, was in big demand for Christmas gifts.

Christmas baking began late but I did achieve lots with the aid of Thermie. 
Christmas shortbread, Christmas cakes, gingerbread men and woman and Bianca had fun decorating them.
And I felt like I cheated on my nanna using thermie, but they were the best mince pies ever.
Markets kept us busy, stock demands and new items ordered and filled...busy busy busy.
Then I finally got into the decorating, so live getting my Christmas on, but this year it was a struggle with a lack of time and not all being home together.... But it still happened.
With fresh chalkart through the house, my creativity muscles got flexed.
We also celebrated with work colleagues, friends and family, of course thermie learnt to make grownup snow cones mmmmm they were divine.
Entertains always leads to bubble blowing and party games at our house, your never too old to blow bubbles.
Somewhere I found time to make a few gifts, not as many as usual but a few.
Which of course led to wrapping with the traditional move watching.
I dreamt about getting a tattoo for a moment or too
Christmas Day, and the unwrapping and more celebrating began.
Then Boxing Day and more drinking, eating and laughter.
Most people hit the sales in the after Christmas days, not us we went treasure hunting
And did more gardening and just plain enjoyed the end of the year in our little piece of heaven.

Farewell 2015, lets see what 2016 brings us.

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