Thursday, August 09, 2012

IKEA Card Creativity

i LOVE IKEA, that's nothing new!!! But I also LOVE the little postcards you can buy for like $3 for 6 cards, the prints on them are adorable, and I do have lots of them that I have put in frames or just have added to my scrapping stash to use!!! But last week, when we visited Ikea, I just couldn't not have this set - how cute???
And I instantly knew that I would make cards with them, just adding little embellies and ink - yes a quick little project, and I always have cards on hard in my card stash, for quick grab and run cards!!!

I got a little play time the other afternoon and just whipped these up in no time, it was nice to sit and potter but with most of the work done, there was little to add, beyond some ribbon, brads and stamped words and images - I did enjoy my quick little paper play fix!!!
Miss Kitty is my favourite, brad ribbon and tag
Diva Bear, just a little ribbon and a stamped addition
Mr Owl, received a stamped flag banner - easiest one of all.
Master Bunny, ribbon, stacked stamped image
Now this one I love, Mr Walrus, just cut his tusks and inserted stamped images.

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