Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mariners Compass table topper/doily

Well, here it is. It all started with Hexagons for me, I totally have fallen in love with paper piecing. So when I signed up for Sue Bennett's class I had no idea this was going to be a new tool experience. And it was!! I was totally blown away with the ease that the 3D Mariners Compass by Cheryl Phillips was what this class was designed on - NOTE I should read class notes before signing up LMAO I saw Mariners Compass and thought oh wow, something I have wanted to do for a while - sign me up!!!
OK so the tool and book is available from Miss Sampson's Drapery for $35, I wasn't totally sold on it although I was amazed. Afterall, I did think I was doing the traditional Foundation Pieced style. But hey I had completed half, how hard could it be to complete the second half. ?????  Well I whized it up, in no time and remembered all the folds and pin points, but when I did that last centre seam, is when it went haywire - it just didn't sit flat, I love circles, but I remember the last circle table topper I did and it still doesn't sit flat, they stretch and warp so easily. But this was more like it was just not a big enough piece - I have no Idea, it could be using two different machines as that sometimes does put seams out - but as you can see this is like 1/2 inch out.

I wasn't fussed on the colours either,(although above photo was taken on Monday night when the lights were on, and it's more a soft lime than a horrid yellow) and of course nothing in my stash seemed to match to make it into a cushion which was my first thought. But with It not working it was back to the drawing board. I did remember Sue mentioning if the fussy cut Mirror didn't work for the Kaleidoscope look, then you could always cut a square to cover up the centre - but yes I thought I could do a circle, with a stitchery, and turn it into a table topper - the plan was forming. If nothing else works, go neutral, so white it was, and then I thought, I could trim it with Prairie points - my new favourite trim that I make myself!!! Yes I am liking it!!

Time to sit and stitch!!! 

Then it was time to put it all together, and again, I was reminded that no matter how much pinning Circles are hard work!!! - It isn't totally flat, but I'm happy and it's not one of those classes that I have not completed and put into a work in progress pile - It's done, and on the table looking pretty. Yes one day I think I would like to tackle it again, but I think I would like to try traditionally although my head is telly  me, with this tool/gadget it could be done a lot quicker!!!

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  1. oh so different from mine..........glad you got it finished.....


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