Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh the silliest things

Not sure why or how, but for some reason i did a blog fancy up today and then i flicked a look at just a random old post - no particular one, just went back in time and this is the one I came accross.....

wow, tears, emotions, overcome.......did i really write all that down....amazes me...

so I challenge you bloggers, go back in time and read an older post, I think some of you will be amazed at what we put out

mundane and precious moment for today.....
enjoying breakfast and laughter, and the most precious of all was the arguments over who was doing the dishes....and before you knew all were in the kitchen doing a bit - yes extended family breakfast for 10 today after a fantastic family night out last night for a belated birthday dinner and show MARCIA HINES was amazing....what a woman and can she move.

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  1. Hi Sonia...been thinking of you xx When you have a chance, check out my blog...I've left something there for you. xx


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