Sunday, July 09, 2006

~my bad blogger catch-up~

well its been too long between posts again

just to let you know i have been busy doing so much, but you know when you can't think what - thats how i feel today - but the catch up can wait - as i just had to shout from the top i am a WINNER - this is my inspiration for today, let me explain...
for the passed 5 months i have paid for the big picture classes with donna, every day, all year - thinking that it would inspire me to work each week - but alas i have only completed 2 projects inspired by Donna - my Dream Canvas and the beginning of my storage sort out - my Ikea drawers, each week i read the notes and think i will get to that on the weekend and it hasn't happened - so when the reminder came in for the next quarter, i thought should i bother - but the email was worded like this
Sometimes when we want something badly enough, we hear the little guy - you know
the one with the green and white striped tights on? He's on our shoulder, egging
us on. "Go on, you deserve it. Don't deny yourself that precious little
something". And he's right - because it feels good to treat yourself, doesn't
it? And it feels even better when someone else treats you, like some of our very
generous scrapbooking manufacturers.
So i couldn't help myself and give it another quarter to perhaps start that project of working weekly on my scrapping that i so desperately want to do - but it seems each week i come into the office - which is slowly being moved into the studio and find that i have paperwork or some other pressing matter that needs attention - and unfortunately the scrapping time is eroded at. - but you know what i never win - but i did i did - and now i can't wait for the delivery man to arrive with my box of goodies, and look what will be coming - i am excited ...

BasicGrey's new Jumbo Bookplates totally live up to their name. They're ginormous! And because of their size, they offer a huge range of project possibilities. Use them to highlight a photo or journaling, create bold titles, or showcase your treasures. These Jumbo bookplates are just right for your BIG ideas!

Scrapbook Walls Papers from Chatterbox Scrapbook Interiors Collection are beautiful! Each 12" x 12" sheet features a bold pattern on one side with a simpler pattern in a coordinating color on the other side. You don't have to rack your brain for the rules of pattern mixing. Chatterbox has done it for you! Besides, you'll be inspired beyond the scrapbook page with these papers. Anyone else loving the thought of a pillow made from Olive Poolhouse Paisley? Yummy!

Attention tool-a-phobes. I've got your cure right here. Fiskar's craft drill is quiet; easy to use; and can drill through wood, plastic and metal - so you know it's going to work great on all your chipboard. You can even pile up layers, line them up, and drill through a stack all at once.

This is a complete frame kit - all the items were handpicked by Heidi herself! It's like a gift from Heidi to you. And you know it will be packed with all the essentials you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Label holders add an elegant look to your page while offering a practical option for journaling and titles. Each pack contains two large and two small label holders - perfect for detailed journaling or short photo captions.

These tab album folders bind together to create the coolest mini-album we have every seen! You probably won't be able to stop at just one!

For that stylish crafter, there's Yellowfence's line of t-shirts featuring sayings like "you should meet my altered ego". These shirts have the edge that reflects your passion.
Ok back to my catch up - let me see what have i been up too - well its winter and i have been getting back into my sewing and quilting projects that have been left un-completed for years.
(insert pic of quilt- when blogger is playing fair)
First is this beautiful quilt i have completed the stitcheries, pieced and pinned the quilt - and managed to quilt around 6 of the 400 odd rectangles - this will be ongoing project for a while as my hand quilting is a slow process.(insert closeup)
(another pic)
Secondly a little time filler while watching telly this little table runner - live well, laugh often, love much - love this one - not an easy project but fun todo(another pic)
(another pic)
Thirdly i have finally completed this quilt for my Darling Daughter Bianca, - i started this project 8 years ago this month - when i took my Mum to Melbourne for our birthdays( her 50th and my 30th) - i purchased some of the fabrics on that trip - little did i know that i would never get around to it for so long - it took 3 days to actually complete, but the laugh of it is over the last 8 years i had cut a far amount of the squares - this is a quilt as you go style - where each square is sandwiched and quilted before sewing them together to create this wonderful fluffy edge. (insert pic) I had hand-quilted a few squares - then once in the many years of it being in and out of the cupboard i thought that i would use the machine - but alas the machine played up and the 30 odd sqaures that i had attempted in this try - had to be unpicked - this took one nights session in my 3 day project. Then with the aid of a walking foot it took anther nightly session in front fo the telly sewing all 300 squares cut into the 100 squares of the quilt. Before taking wait for it 5 hours snipping the edge to create that awesome fluffy edge, but before that edge looks so beautifully snuggly it has to be washed and what should i find after washing and hanging out to dry but a complete row of which i hadn't snipped - so snipping i went again. another wash and a couple of goes in the dryer and hey presto the best snuggly flannel quilt out.
So the next projects to complete are more of the same - from fabric that I also purchased at the same time some 8 years ago for myself in beautiful rich winter coloured flannels - so in the near future you will see another complete - and then I have purchased more Denim items from st Vinnies and life line to create another for my Son Dylans room too, with recycled mens flannel pjs on the other - can't wait to tackle them - althought the hands need good resting from the snipping.
As well as one for the re-appointed spare room which ange will be using in September during her visit when we attend the Kiwi Scraps Convention - well at least i know i now have a time limit on this project.
(as my scrapping room is slowly being dismantled to the new Forever Always Studio) (another pic of the new studio)
blogger being blogger - and pictures will have to be added later tonight - arggghhh at this quick post that has taken way longer due to the image issues i am having. oh well.

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  1. Sonia

    I have some of those draws and I have always chastised myself for not painting them - you have the perfect solution - thank you - inspirational you!



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