Friday, June 09, 2006


another week - another layout - simple clean - enjoyed the process - and after doing this then reading the new Cathy Zielske book clean & simple/the sequel - i have realised what this is all about - enjoying the process and scrapping for me and the love of my photos.

On the Clean & Simple book - it has just arrived @ forever always online store and walking out the door more copies are to arrive next week. I am reading it from cover to cover - actually reading not just drooling over the layouts - the story and the way this is written i just love it.

Stampin Up - went to Natalies (Forever Always Design Team Member) during the week for one of these parties - loved the stamps - had to get the Ali Edwards ones that natalie had shown us the week before - can't wait for mine to arrive - and this groovy window punch i want it bad - hope it comes soon - inspiration is looming.

The remainder of the week has seen me painting when the rain permits the furniture for the studio - i hope to share some pictures over the weekend when the sun comes up - heres hoping.

Sitting here drinking a nice cold glass of white wine working on uploading the coming soons for forever always then perhaps to eat the chicken legs that i have roasting in the oven (one of my whats in the cupboard style marinade - i can tell you it is smelling mighty good) with some rice before picking up bianca from work - and if she hasn't bought home a video to watch i may even scrap - feeling the itch.

Tomorrows plans are to go out in the morning with a friend for coffee and patchwork retail therapy, before more painting and gardening - enjoy the weekend.

LIFE IS SHORT , live it to the FULLEST!!!!!

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  1. stampin up is my latest phase. I had a workshop a couple of weeks back and spent over $500 just on little old me. It was fabulous.

    Guess whose testing for a baby tomorrow?

    Deborah :)


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