Monday, July 26, 2010

WOW it's been a while since my humble blog has recieved an award. Thankyou PAULA, you are one of my inspirations too!!!

Here is the rules that go with this award...
1. Put the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award on my blog.
2. Share 5 thing about myself.
3. Pass the award onto 5 other Bonny Blogs.
4. Add links to my 5 chosen Bonny Blog winners.
5. Let them know they have been chosen to win the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by leaving a comment on their blog.

The 5 things about myself...
1. I am fussy in the bathroom, I like the toilet paper to unravel from the top.
2. Hate the toothpaste being squeezed in the middle of the tube - from the end from the end.
3. Being on the ocean - in a boat is just amazing - I get lost in silence and zone out!!
4. I have an explainable fear of heights - even walking up open stairs can't be done.
5. I suffer from Stress related Psoriasis

Now the tricky bit...nominating only 5 people who inspire me! Who haven't already recieved this award - as the 5 on Paula's list are at the top of my inspiration next on the bloglines daily reads for inspiration are.

1. Fran

2. Kathie

3. Chookyblue

4. Retromummy (Corrie)

5. Tarisota

So go check out my inspiration and see if it helps you out.


  1. Thanks so much for the award, Sonia!!!

  2. Thanks so much Sonia!

  3. Haha 1-4 could be on my list! ;) You are most welcome...I certainly owe a lot to you for my wonderful scrapping experience xx

  4. lol - BUT i THINK YOU knew what i meant - that you would be one of my 5.....

    words are so not my thing today.

  5. thanks Sonia........your very kind.......


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