Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday - Update

Well, after a huge day yesterday on the computer yesterday or should I say this morning and surprise ferry ride on the harbour to join Mum and Dad for lunch at City Extra, you would think the last place I would be this morning is surfing the net...but nope here I am.
I am so proud of my new changes to the Forever Always Website.....I have come along way.

And I found a new challenge blog, Michelle's post linked me to this one Butterfly Crafts - so I have popped it's logo and link in my side bar, and hope to get to play with some of there monthly challenges all in my hope to achieve more this year.

Well I still have to download yesterday's photo's I hope I got some good ones, it was fun snapping with my long lense on the harbour....I went for lot's of pics of the Opera House it always amazes me with it's lines and shapes...

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