Friday, November 04, 2005


Ok - well i finally had to make time to create - not that i haven't tried - i have a few projects happening - but thought i would share some pieces of the finished item - which you can see in the FA News blog

Its my Dad's 60th Birthday Party this weekend and this is our gift - organising my sister and her family without mum and dad knowing was an effort what with both of us having one of our childrens birthdays a week apart and then dads the following week - doesn't leave much time to get errors - and me prefering my slr over my little digital (oh santa here my wish for a Digital SLR) the advantage of being able to see those pics when working on formal photos - after 2 rolls of film it was still picking the best one that everyone was smiling in - and well i am talking in the one I chose as its the only one every one looks and smiles well in - Hey but we know Dad will love it - probably even have tears.

These pics show pieces of a 15 x 30" canvas with smaller canvases being 5x7" all in all a rather large piece of family art.

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