Monday, January 19, 2009

What a weekend....

Well, it was huge!

From launching the new website on Friday, to an 80th Birthday party on Saturday....I know that I am just sooo tired.

Well the website makeover is wonderful and I am chuffed at what I achieved.

Saturday was more web work in the morning, before picking Bianca up for the drive to my sisters and get ready for the surprise 80th for Ev, a friend of the families. Wow surprising an 80year old is always a worry...but she was blown away and coped well, with many tears.

The party was a blast, great DJ - and way to much to drink by all. The first time I have seen my daughter just over the tipsy, and the funny things you do and say...."i can't find my shoes" ok not so funny just in that line of text, but picture her tucked up into the top bunk and laying down....ready for sleep, and that's is all you hear....yes it was funny. Glad her first time with too many drinks was with family and safe and not riduculous just funny and silly.

Sunday well way too tired, and 2 and half hours drive home in the sun, not something any of us wanted....but we did it.

Pictures....none, nothing.

but I can share a few from our ferry trip on Friday now.

I love the star bursts that I caught naturally - no digital enhancement....on the water here.

Oh and the flag photo advertising Australia Day reminds me....don't forget Forever Always is launching a big 6 week competition all Aussie Inspired check out more details here.

And another sketch blog....reminder for myself....revisited an old blog that I havn't been to for a bit.....Pencil Lines think I have just picked the photos to work on their current sketch. Wonder if I will get to play today.

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  1. Nice piccies Sonia !
    You've certainly had a busy start to the year !



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