Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching Up

Tuesday - we spent the morning on Balmoral Beach with a few Forever Always friends, followed by Groceries and preparing Dinner before Dinner with friends...the joys of holidays. Fantastic blissful day.

Wednesday - up early, packing lunches and snacks to head off to the Zoo....oh what a scorcher, too hot for even the animals...although we did get a few great photographs...
How eerie was this, he was right at the wire, and we all thought it was one of the statue ones....but then we noticed his nostrils moving....we could almost have reached out and touched him he was that close...a bit scary.
This guys tongue has us laughing no he isn't actually eating, he was just swinging that tongue around in the was very funny to watch.

Mumma and bubs, she was doing the look at me parade, to a group of us, before finding a shady spot to teach him how to eat a was wonderful to watch.
Well the seal show was great, and I was so pleased that i got him poking his tongue out...being cheeky.
Bianca and I separated from the boys and found a very cool shady spot....they headed off and got these great photos.

We got back to the car, and did the good deed of reporting a car who had left it's doors open...apparently the gate keeper said that they get at least 3 a day, Mum's forgetting about locking the car, when they are busy putting the kids in strollers...yes their was a car seat in the unlocked doors wide car.

We headed home at 12 - to the air conditioning and the comforts of home, cold drinks and movies and about crazy...thunder lightening....rain not much but enough to wet the ground.

Thursday - Dylan was off to play golf and Bianca and Brian were both off to work. Studio day for me, Ann joined me and I got in and created.

This first layout was for Kylene's Recipe scrap from the last night, I love doing these recipe layouts.....just playing along with no idea where it is heading.

This second layout was a Challenge Sonia layout from the Forever Always forum, the girls gave me this just before Christmas, it could have been the last studio day of the year....but slacko me- just didn't get it done....I used it with the Pencil Lines sketch that I spied a couple of days ago...and was very happy with the finished layout.

Today - Friday...well I had plans to make Blonde Brownies yesterday being National Blonde Brownie day, but with the heat, after scrapping in the morning I wanted nothing to do with chilled out and read, so today was going to be baking day, but alas it is too hot. Paula has stopped in for our Friday Coffee ritual, and picked up her bag of scrapping supplies. The kids have started laughing upstairs something about building tents and colouring in and watching a movie....hmmmm how old are they to see if i can sneak a photo.
Ok - well this used to be my loungeroom upstairs before my almost 19 year old daughter and my 15 year old son....played tents....they amaze me sometimes...perhaps the heat has got to them.This is them in the tent yelling at me not to knock down the construction before demanding some lunch or some as Dylan put it caveman food...for their cave...
So I am off to pop some popcorn....and then looks like I am joining them in the cave if I wish to watch a movie. What else can I do in this heat.


  1. I love the giraffe!!!!Fabbo photos Sonia- more to scrap!I couldn't get onto FA tonight, so thought I'd come and visit you:)

  2. Great zoo pics Sonia !
    I have tagged you.......yes, again ! LOL !
    It's cool though.


  3. great pics at the zoo........


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