Tuesday, September 05, 2006


day begins at 7am
bedtime chats with both kids
max the cat snuggles in for a smooch
up and shower
tea and emails
do the blog line check
begin blog
time for school drop off
shopping for survival kit extras
had a hair cut
picked up coffee & donuts for MIL
visited Nursing home (alas things are looking good she was out on a bus trip)
phone coffee with ange in melbourne
back to preparations for the retreat (washing is on)
health dept called - made me feel anxious they are now investigating the drama
health dept picked up frozen proof of drama - made me feel nauseated again
off to solicitors appointment - to seek legal advice.
TEA AND TEARS - TISSUES thank god for good friends.
afternoon a wipe out
surfed the net looking for retirement survival kits for said good friends work mate
brian has cooked again - and i did eat
worked on name tags - they look cute
exhausted time for bed

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