Wednesday, September 06, 2006


sleepless night
3am popped a pill
awake again @6.45
tea and blogging with vegemite toast
can't eat
brian cross
brian doing school run
cleaned the studio
started work on cards
gab arrived with her beautiful babes
nat arrived with georgous Aren
Sean arrived to teach us how to use the new toys for the weekend (Xyron toys)
WOW they are exciting
sean left
snapped some pics
aren't they cute
we sat in the sun and drank tea and the everyone had date scones (i still couldn't do it)
Marcus told us all about the fox in the bush.
they were such well behaved children it was a pleasure to have them play.
headed to the shops - 3 trolleys of groceries later - the ladies on retreat should be well fed.
errolyne stumbled accross us as we were leaving the fruit market - and took one look at me and said lets do coffee - so brian left with the groceries to do take dylan to baseball training not that he can play yet - but observe.
E & I had coffee - which i drank chatted then she decided i need a sleeping pill - so we called by her place and picked one up then headed home - i got too work
finished packing class kits
made thankyou cards
tried to eat some stirfry brian had cooked for dinner - i can't cope in the kitchen at the moment. hope it gets better.
back to packing
printed some pics to work on
organised my bags (scrappin of cours)
finally too sleeping pill at 12.45pm - goodnight

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