Thursday, September 14, 2006

creative roll

well the scrap card thing is a happening thing at the moment here is a few i whipped up yesterday first few are some thankyous for the design girls for all there support during my retreat, they make my life a little easier, and i think its important to acknowledge it with a little thanks. And i just loved how these scraps turned it too the most cutest cards ever.

Next one is a sweet birthday card for deb she didn't wish me to make a fuss but birthdays need to be celebrated so happy birthday to you for saturday, i hope you celebrate in style with your family.

Next off i have a couple that i created whilst on a roll just a spare thankyou - can't have enough of those and Janet one of my girls from the retreat celebrated her birthday today and all though i didn't get to give her this yet - i will do soon.

am on a totall roll with these papers totally loving them - have just about finished a double layout using the scraps from these for a page on the retreat photos - have managed to fit 37 photos on 2 pages am feeling rather chuffed. and doing a totally not me thing but working on another double page as well taken up the whole table upstairs inside - so against my rule of all scrapping in the studio but brian is at work and so is bianca and there is nothing on telly and dylan can't cope inside alone - not that i blame him - so he is now asleep and i am scrapping inside - well just thought i would blog a bit and now back to the sticking down - hope when i walk back i will be happy enough to commit to it - if so i will share it tomorrow when its complete.

happy creating

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  1. they are absolutely gorgeous sonia! i love debs birthday card! your work is beautiful


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