Friday, September 15, 2006

well i had fun creating again finished them off today gee its great to have my mojo back and in the groove - housework is going to have to wait again!!!!
This first one is the retreat not my usual style of things but i have crammed in 37 photos and got to play with those scraps again LOL - am just loving this range of papers from Senic Route.
if you hadn't noticed.

This next one is softer and well that heidi swapp tape came into it again - funny how a product can sit for ages in my stash and never see the light of day then all of a sudden its there and being used again - it came out for my CJ and then well kim used in the classes at the retreat and it seems it is turning up on all my layouts since.



  1. hang on did i spy chocolate with the thankyou cards? ???
    the retreat was alot of fun and it was a pleasure to participate and help the girls get the most out of it.
    ps love the LO's but i might be biased!!

  2. Yes you did Gab...and it was delicious !!! Thanks Sonia for the lovely card and chockies, and I absolutely love your retreat double layout - it rocks !!!

  3. Anonymous8:35 am

    Debra said..
    great layouts my friend.
    thanks for the chocolates...they were yummyyyyyyyyy.
    The retreat was so much fun and the woman were fantastic, funny, gorgeous, intelligent and so creative....well down girls.


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