Tuesday, May 30, 2006

fallen and landed

well i fallen off the planet - but i have finally landed on two feet and feeling sane again - i still have the hacking cough - but this is my life long effect from the whooping cough that i had last year ( and i have learnt to live with it).

so during my recovery i have been sewing the quilting and patchwork has started to happen again - this is a great no thinking pastime that i love and had forgotten when the scrapbooking bug bit me hard.

I have also been working in the backyard - painting and cleaning out the neglected yard so that we have nice walking paths leading to the studio - will upload some pictures tomorrow of our joint effort brian bianca and myself.

and lastly - i have not done much in here as we have had a couple of computer issues that i am trying to work thru - besides the fact that i decided i needed to work on the bigpicture classes that i have signed up for and not been doing much off - and i thought that i would start with the big cleanout - and organise my space - well it has worked as i have sorted like mad for the passed 5 days on and off - and have succeeded in beginning to make a dent in all those purchased items that i hadn't put away and fogotten about as well. - so now that life is getting sorted i hope to keep up on the blogging - more tomorrow

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  1. glad to here you are better Sonia and are back on the planet. Can't wait to see pictures of the studio and backyard


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