Thursday, June 01, 2006

thursday playday

after a very late night - or you could say early morning at 2.30am after completing the updates to the online store and working one the newsletter that includes an awesome sale to help me reduce the amount of stock that i will be moving. i awoke tired - but with a huge day planned it was in the shower - pack some orders and off we went - Brian and I off to meet my friend Tia her hubby Paul and their daughter Adeline in Darling Harbour for lunch - they had won a double pass on Sydney Jetboat and Tia had decided it was the perfect gift for brian to share with paul for brian's birthday. and what better for us girls to do but sit in one of the coffee places at darling harbour and chat while the boys went and got drowned - i wish i had a snapped a pic of the boys walking into lunch looking like they had both wet them selves - it was a great day - we had a fantastic time. Had lunch - the best grilled king prawns for lunch at the ice cube - gotta visit the loos when you go there. lots of mirrors very swish. - i am now home and really can't wait to get this picture of tia and adeline printed to scrap it is so cute - but i am soo tired i can barely keep my eyes open - but heres to all the girls that wanted my blogging back - see a second one for the week.
tomorrow may even bring photos of the yard and studio and i may even finish that layout i have been working on for a week - LOL all it needs is the words and i can't find them in my stash small enough - so perhaps its computer fonts to fix it. oh well will sort it out in my dreams - off for a big bowl of warm mulagatawney soup (sp??) well curried chicken soup with fruit - lol its yummy its cooked and i need warming up - welcome to the first day of winter.

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  1. wow how quickly babies grow, it is a great picture of Tia and Adeline. Glad the boys enjoyed there ride


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