Monday, February 06, 2006

~ Sunday ~

Who said Sundays are lazy - it was good but i was so tired - too tired even to blog - so yesterday what did i do - well you could say it was a lazy start Brian had to work so the kids woke up and watched cartoons and left me sleeping around 9ish i got up and had promised pancakes for breakfast - so down to the kitchen and whipped up the yummiest pancakes - wish i had thought to take a picture - you will have to imagine - 2 pancakes cooked perfectly on a plate with slivers of fresh mango cheeks fanned across then a dollop of vanilla yoghurt followed by a drizzle of fresh raspberry syrup (heated with a little sugar and the juice of a lime) - yummo doesn't even describe it - we all enjoyed it - then clean up - that's the part about cooking that i don't like - the kids helped - then i left them to run the vacuum over and Dylan got to mop as well while I took off to spend $250 on groceries - where does it go didn't seem like i had that much - home again to put them away - whilst preparing a few meals in the process - marinated chicken for dinner tonight (this was inspired by one of the food channels cooks - Asian guy can't think of his name - basically it was 1 cup of eschallots (i used green spring onions), 1/2 cup soy sauce, 2 cups canola oil, 2tblspns of castor sugar, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar - blend - this will keep as a dressing in the fridge up to a month - if bottled proberly up to 6 months - use as a marinade or as a dressing - he also used it as a sauce to stirfry with - i did the chicken breasts and cooked on the BBQ grill for dinner - the chicken was melt in the mouth delicious - give it a try-
me and recipes don't useually follow them - read them, watch them now i have the food channel and then just remember bits useualy always have great success - this was one of those fantastic ones - hope the chicken drummies that i made with a chilli marinade taste as good during the week.
After preping all that i made bbq chicken and lettuce with mayo on soy and linseed bread -for lunch - yum with a cold glass of cordial - the kids and i headed upstairs to watch a movie - nice relaxing afternoon .
I thought we needed to start spending more time on the beach now that i can so off we headed at 4pm for a swim - it was nice - and then home.
well these lazy sundays exhaust me - i was so tired i had trouble staying awake to watch goran - i love that show - before hitting the sack - no reading last night i was so so tired - up and fresh this morning - have to go prepare breakfast for myself house is quiet brian has done the school run - toast and tea - then washing and on the food cooking thing tonights menu - i have salmon fillets not sure to cook skewers or cakes - i will let you know later today or tomorrow -

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