Saturday, February 04, 2006

~ im slack ~ catching up

i know i know i have been too quiet - sorry but here goes on the catch up
26th January - Australia Day
We had a great day - slow start - lazy breakfast - then showered and dressed to head off to our Traditional day - the ferry ride was great - we arrived in perfect time to catch the last ferry before they closed the harbour for the parachuters - oh we got a great spot and these awesome pictures with my new camera - which by the way i am loving - with some of the arial plane photos when you zoom in you can see the pilots of the planes - amazing.
27th January
today was diy day - i decided the front door needed painting - so got to it and painted the door - brian was at work - so it was just one coat on the door and then movie day with the kids - it was such a stinker - we watched one called DUMA about a cheetah cub and a boy in africa - both dylan and i cried - it was a very moving movie.
28th January
more diy - and today we all got in - Bianca helped me paint the porch, then i did the 2nd coat on the front door - then got down on my tummy and painted the old concrete and step. Dylan was out cleaning the back deck (boy style) but still helping with the promise that he could paint the wall behind the BBQ when finished - well the novelty wore off and so Bianca and i had to finish the job - all the while Brian was constructing the studio deck. - totally exhausted at days end.
29th January
my diary - has beach breaky and clean house - but brian wanted to do more on the studio - so we did more diy - of which i must have been so exhausted i can't remember - he worked again - so another alone night for me
weekly extras - i have been using my Simple Scrapbooks planner and love it - i love the ideas for the week - i managed to have breakfast for dinner on saturday wednesday night and the kids loved it (not that we hadn't before but it was a planned meal this time not just oh i don't want to cook dinner - if you know what i mean - and as to the hug someone when they're not expecting it - i had asked Brian to check something in my diary - and he came out telling me about it - and randomly grabbed me in a huge hug - and said ok you can tick it in your diary now - and i was so suprised it felt good - so i have done it too both the kids as well - its nice to be hugged for no reason - my tip to you - give it a go - it feels good. - and this weeks quote really made me think

What is without periods of rest will not endure. OVID

Begining a new month in the planner WONDER is the theme - and this quote is awesome - been hunting for the picture to go with it -
minutes are worth more than money.
spend them wisely
30th January
we finally got our breakfast on the beach - brian came in from night work at 7.30 and the kids and i were ready to go - with freshly chopped fruit and water - drive by the bakers delight in harbord for some cinamon scrolls - then off we went - harbord beach was lovely - the pools were visually beautiful even if they were cold. but it was so refreshing once you used to the it - it was fantastic to have the waves crashing over the pool wall and splashing you - i couldn't bring myself to take the camera onto the sand - so unfortunately no pictures - sad i know but its still a new toy - then off to buy uniforms i can't believe i was one of the last minute mums - i have never been and can tell you now that i will never be again. Brian and Dylan did the uniform shop at the school and Bianca and i got the supermarket for books and goceries - its not even that bad at christmas - sheesh was glad to come home - to unpack and then hit the house work - ugghh - but i now have a lounge and dining room back from box city - only upstairs is still boxed in. at least i can now open my new freshly painted door to a clean room - oh what heaven! early to bed for everyone as its back to school morning. Brian at work so an alone night at home for me - early to bed and finished my book The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner.
31st January
Back to school - now this was a wierd feeling - i did the good mum thing and prepared for the school morning last night - the kids loved it to wake up and find the table set for breaky (as they know from my long hours in the shop i don't do mornings too well - we are hoping this will change with my hours being different) - lunches were prepared as well yesterday - so they got up i got up and saw them off - brian did the school run - which left me to clean up and then eat breakfast hot and alone - wow it was suddenly quiet and i realised i was home and not going back to work - it was a strange feeling - i sat with a cuppa on my door step pondering the morning, ( and wondering when my babies grew up on me) my neighbour strolled by after her morning work and i offered her a cuppa - she said she would be back soon - delaying the inevitable of going to the office to work - i made her a cuppa - she told me the little girl accross the road told her Dylan looked like a man he was wearing a suit and everything (this is miss 7 from accross the road that adores bianca and dylan) it was so sweet - even if my little man was having a hard time with his long shorts and long socks not to mention the tie ( of course which mum who went to a catholic school that insisted on girls wearing ties for the winter and had worn one for 6mths of the each of her 12 years in school - showed him how to tie)brian got back and went to bed - so i meandered around cleaning till a friend popped in for lunch - we decided to pop off to kmart at warriewood - did some shopping got the missing grid book for dylans maths class - and came home early to bed after a quick chicken curry cooked by brian. ahhh - i think i am enjoying this stress less life.
1st February
another school morning - having Natalie and Debra around for a bit of a design team chat - so played mother with the teapot out and fine china cups - it was nice - then out to chatswood on a kittylitter pick up - they have it cheap in the reject shop - nice afternoon out pity about the muggy weather - home to a finished verandah on the studio - well dance floor as brian called it the roof is still to happen. Bianca had to work - so i chillled on the couch watching tv - cant recall what so it was obviously really important NOT. went to bed and started to read the book bianca got for christmas which she read in one sitting - and told me not too start Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons i love her books - well decided that it was not a good thing put it down and went to sleep.
2nd February
day of rest - literally decided that it was the day to read the book and finished it whilst a roast was in the oven - enjoyed this day - it was great.
3rd February
OFFICE DAY - got lots of things done on the website - and managed to sort out some class materials for the retreat hope to go shopping to canberra to aussie scrap source to collect the items early next week. - Bianca had to work i watched the survivors club on optus - good movie although a bit scarey no suspense filled is more the description - but i still enjoyed it. Began the next book another paulinna simons - The Summer Garden i loved the girl in times square so am hoping this is as good.
that brings me to today 4th February
slow morning - got picked up by a girlfriend and her daughter and bianca and i headed off for a girly day at fox studios - we wondered around the stores - the one we went to look at was daddy's diamonds a nice fashion jewellery store - but not one of us spent any money on anything but food for the day - we wondered the markets and then we decided it was a la premier seating kinda day - so we took ourselves to the movies - bought tickets to see walk the line - then went back to the markets for some cheeses and golzemes (the cheese platter was for the movies) - then settled down at the la premier seating with our cheese platter and popcorn and drinks and enjoyed the movie - it was a really enjoyable afternoon - we had a great time - then headed home - to were i am now - having just eaten nice roast potatoes filled with mushrooms, bacon, sourcream and a little cheese - before blogging away - am going to head back to the lounge brian is watching telly, bianca is next door babysitting and dylan is in bed - i have had a great day - am feeling tired though - a vege on the lounge is definately in order.
hope you enjoy my catch up - chat again soon.

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  1. great to catch up on what you have been doing Sonia. Seems you have been busy but at a leisurely pace.


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