Monday, February 13, 2006

~oops its been too long~

Well who said i was going to have more time on my hands - well i should, i know, but the time just seems to disappear.

I have done lots in the past week - the highlights being

- broadband internet now i only need to be wireless as well - working on it

- hair cut and some new blonde bits

- my trip to aussie scrap source in canberra - wow what a day that was (12 hours in the car) - like a kid in a candy store - i was so overwhelmed but got some lovely new ribbons (hope to upload those soon along with all the new CHA products i have manage to purchase thats arriving late this week and next week just in time for the retreat)

- shakespeare by the sea - awesome event been running for 20 years and i only just found out about it because a girlfriend started working in the city and read it in a city newsletter - and its only at balmoral - we had an awesome time - even if i did drop the platter with our dinner as we arrived - luckily we both overcatered so still had plenty to nibble on and of course the bottle of red was good too not to mention the performance.

- Oh an look what i got today - popped into spotlight for one little thing -picture hooks which i forgot - i got so side tracked on browsing - thats where the time goes - that i had and armload of bits by the time i got to the counter - and while waiting inline to be served i spied these wonderful ribbons sitting onthe counter all the stripes were only .49c and .79c a metre and the floral lace was a bit more but just a must have - have no idea what i need it for - but i had to have it - LOL.

- studio verandah floor is complete and ready to dance on and the roof is half done as of this afternoon - so not to much longer and we can start moving stock in i hope.

thanks for reading my dribble -

hugs and goodnight

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