Monday, January 23, 2006

~tagged again ABC of me~

Thanks Ange seeing as we just spoke on the phone and you didn't even mention it - smack on the wrist - now i am in my hot little office blogging instead of cooking that Portuguese chicken i was telling you about - my children can blame you for a late dinner now!!!

A is for age: 37 and loving life.

B is for booze of choice: cocktails, red wine, quick fizzy bottles (dangerous) now i am sounding like a slush here - but my favourite drink of choice would be a Southern Comfort in a JUG(large glass) lots of ice and diet Pepsi - hmmm think it might be wine o clock when i head back to the kitchen LOL

C is for career: Mother hood; Small Business entrepreneur (sounds flashy for an online store owner and soon to be new Scrapbook STUDIO manager), Vacation Planner - this sounds flashier still for the organiser of SCRAPBOOK RETREATS

D is for your dad's name: Ian John Christopher

E is for essential items to bring to a Party: have to agree with Daphney and Ange not one to do the party thing solo - other than that a bottle of wine.

F is for favorite song at the moment: Don't Cha - PussyCat Dolls

G is for favorite game: Backgammon

H is for hometown: Sydney, Australia

I is for instruments you play: ok need to take the emphasis of you play and change it too have played - recorder in school do a mean hot cross buns and mary had a little lamb - then tried the guitar in highschool couldn't get the brain to work on the different hands at the same time - and then dabbled on the piano in my early 20s so can play a few bits but not much - but have a pianothat'ss coming to my house as soon as the reno's are finished sooner if my mum has a say in it.

J is for jam or jelly you like: Jam, Apricot - Jelly, port wine (childhood memories of nannas little crystal bowls there was always a port wine jelly in her fridge to have with a little ice cream)

K is for kids: Bianca 15 (16 in April) Dylan 12 (lastOctoberr)

L is for living arrangements: We live in a 2 Storey 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom,1 Office, Open Family room and Library (this is biancas wording for a large table by a wall of bookcases), and huge balcony upstairs. Downstairs we haveseparatee lounge, dining, kitchen and small balcony, as well as a selfcontained flat - bedroom, bathroom, study, open living and kitchen area for my mother in law, my hubby and two children and Aurora (our golden retriever) and Max and Lily our Pussycats all live in harmony - outside we have a very neglected sculpted front yard where we live a lot when we are home - which will be often this year and not so neglected soon - backyard well its large and getting a makeover at the moment to fit our new scrapbook STUDIO in.

M is for mum's name: Janette

N is for name of your crush: Mark, a family friend around the age of 13 - it was a huge crush and yes we did date for a very short time at 16/17.

O is for overnight hospital stays: birth of 2 babies, and then it all went down hill - removal of tonsils, gall bladder, many attacks due to drug allergies since then as well.

P is for phobias: heights and creepy crawlies - ( i squirmed and felt ill in that part of KING KONG last night)

Q is for quotes you like:

Life is not measured
by the number of breaths you take
but in the
of MOMENTS that
take your breath away.

R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Brian - he is my best friend and solemate we are meant to be together.

S is for sexual preference: men

U is for underwear: Cotton for comfort!

V is for vegetable you love: stirfried or grilled - most vegies agree with Ange on this one its in the cooking

W is for weekend plans: living day to day at the moment sspontaneityty is the key - enjoying life.

X is for x-rays you've had: all of me - full body xrays when dylan and bianca were diagnosed with intervertabral disc calcification syndrome - they did both brian and i as a check and see type thing

Y is for yummy food you make: all things i cook are yummy -me being a bit to close to the matter i just asked the kids and they both said lasagne but bianca added spinacanneloninni
- sweet wise - i love my grog log - quick easy and never any complaints -take a pack of biscuits any plain ones - honey snaps are nice - dip in alcohol of choice - tia maria - then sandwich log style with whipped cream, then add grated chocolate - YUMMM

Z is for zodiac sign: Cancerian

I tag LEE


  1. LOL lots of fun reading your answers on this one Sonia. Just to let you know that I have already done this tag. :o(

  2. oh - boy it must have been quite a a while a go- i must have missed that post - oh well think just about everyone has done this one Lee.
    I must have been one of the last. oh well.
    lucky last


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