Wednesday, January 25, 2006

~creativity & more~

Ok - i am doing the happy dance- BasicGrey Gallery has taken another layout that i finished lastnight - which i was going to get on this morning and share with you - but i slept in, then played with the kids, and have been nursing a headache allday - due to the late night up scrappin - so here i am finally mid afternoon checking my emails and then blogging

here is the said basicgrey gallery accepted layout a big thanks go to Kay Rogers the designer of the layout Art Happens which was the original layout in the Retailers Class Kit.

I also uploaded to the gallery - the 2nd page for waiting for adeline

now off to do a basicgrey sketch layout - will share later tonight - if the headache doesn't do me in - i so desperatly want to play but head doesn't.

Off to it - nothing else but sleep can be done in this cold and wet weather - so much for my morning goal of getting up and painting today - oh well theres always tomorrow.

ps forgot to add - i got my Simple Scrapbooks planner - and i am in love with it - the pictures and the weekly tips and quotes - here is to a fantastic 2006.

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