Thursday, January 12, 2006

~ the little things ~

ok - no i havn't curled up and died - i am still alive and kicking - and thankfully blissfully unaware of the nasty BLOT demons striking the lovely world of our ART

I am off in my own little world trudging along with the new things life is bringing my way -
but i really appreciate your concerned emails checking up on me.

Yes i am taking time out for me (i can hear your shocked sucks of breath in)
yes it is true
- one of the things that i am enjoying since moving 200square metres of shop into my rather small home - is the lovely green couch that was in the shop is out on my upstairs balcony (the only place that is resonably shop box free)

I have managed a shopping spree to ikea this week and i love their huge cushions and got some cute covers too - so i now can recline on my lovely 3 seater couch and listen to the summer sounds at dusk - even last nights storm was amazing to watch.

but the reason for this blog is to tell you how amazingly relaxed i feel tonight having just come in from a 1/2hour sit outside on the said couch - watching the sun set and what do i see but a spider web with a spider spinning - i was mesmerised - i called out to dylan - but no he couldn't see the beauty of it - i guess its just me - but i just had to share how this spider made me watch her go around and around spinning her web - then i got caught up on childhood memories of Charlottes Web - and then had to jump up and try and snap the pic to show you
it was still light - but i used the flash to catch the spiders web -

hope you enjoy my little shared moment of the little things in life - lifes little pleasures.

hugs to all
a more relaxed sonia.


  1. I am *So* glad you are finally taking time to smell the roses! Eh! Look at spiders! :) It will only get better on all fronts from now on! Love ya lots of hugs and kisses,


    p.s i reckon you need a little Ikea table out there now for your wine and cheese platters in the evening. :)

  2. Love the photo.

    I can't take any photos this week though cause hubby took my camera with him to Melbourne. Oh well.


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