Saturday, January 14, 2006

~ creativity saturday ~

this is great my crop room got tidied this morning (it still has excess printers, computers and cables all belongings to the shop still to find homes) i managed to get brian to move out the old small tressle and put in one from the shop (we still have a couple to sell) gee its not much bigger but it made the difference and its so much sturdier too!
so then i decided as i could get to the sewing machine dylans dig layout was itching to be finished - so to the sewing machine and 45mins later only 2 rows of stitching done instead of four the sewing machine not working and me feeling like this was going to be a disaster - but alas the new calmer me decided that fate was telling me this layout doesn't need stitching and very gently i unpicked the 2 rows i had done (luckily over the ribbon and it is not visible) - and not long later a layout finished - complete with the hand journalling which i have promised to do this year.

of to finish work on the card for baby sophie will post later.

EDITED to add the finished card for Sophie

I was inspired by the NEW


book -(available in my online store)

pictured above with the card i have made as well as a small insert of the card from the book just love this book, just like i love the Designing with series.


  1. great card Sonia, I was wondering what the new DW book was like I will have to add it to my collection soon. I can't wait till the next one comes out DW Fonts due out in feb/march

  2. Wow. What an amazing card! It looks incredibly difficult, though. :) I found your store's site while surfing the Internet, and I decided to check out your blog. I'm in the U.S., but it's funny -- I did the same 4 questions entry on my blog a few days ago!

    Thanks for sharing. I might have to save up to buy this book! (I love to scrapbook and make cards, too.)


  3. Gab C2:15 pm

    Hi sonia am back in the real world! hope I'm not being to presumptuous in hoping that divine card is for my little one! what a treat and boy does it make me want the book!!
    hope you are well talk soon Gab


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