Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Updating - {my life}

As most of you already may aware - I have been really stressed - and well it all sort of started to tumble down around me on

Monday the 5th of December.
- bit of background info - my mother-in-law lives with us, and she has mild dementia and parkinsons and is 84yrs of age. She lives in a self contained part of our home - which due to my long working hours we had a panic alert system installed for when we aren't home.

Brian had headed off with the kids on the school run, giving me a few minutes of quiet time with my cuppa before heading in to the shower and being ready for him to collect me for work. I had just stripped off for the shower when my phone went - immediately thinking one of the kids had forgot to bring something so with a very short hello - i was informed that it was the medic alert and not to panic but my mother inlaw was having trouble breathing and that an ambulance was on the way. Before i could hang up and dress and get down the stairs (in under a minute) the ambulance had arrived - she had choked on her branflakes - so this was the first drama in my week - she was ok - but in a bit of shock.
After settling her down and checking on her thru the day the day ended rather smoothly.

Tuesday the 6th
was a rather busy day instore - as you know its my usual day off - but due to a Christmas SALE most of you came shopping on Tuesday and it was a big day. - gotta love a bargain.

Wednesday the 7th - which was also Bianca's formal day.
We began the day with much excitement - with Bianca heading of to do her last exam of the year - being Maths which by the way she struggles with. I was just getting into my Christmas shopping list with plans of sending Brian out for a couple of hours before we had to collect Bianca for her hair and settling down myself to work on the handmade gifts (which you will have to wait till after Christmas to see(no Christmas peaking allowed)) - when Brian informed me that his mum wasn't doing so well today - could i check on her while he dropped the kids at school - I soon realised that not all was ok - After struggling - i ended up dressing her and getting her into the drs for an urgent appointment - the result was further testing to rule out minor strokes - so then Brian had to forgo the Christmas shopping trip - i just seemed to lose my control at this point - stress - after collecting Bianca on route to the hospital for further scans and tests.
They arrived back in time for us to fly off to the hairdressers - but my brain was not in my normal photo mode - so sorry no at the hairdressers pics.
MIL - was at home and doing ok - awaiting test results.
My mum and sister and 2 nieces arrived to check out the eldest granddaughter and nieces hair and outfit before the formal - its a big deal
the formal partner and mother arrived - so as you can see the house is filling and of course we have no airconditioning and all this was happening on the scorcher day - every one was melting
but we managed to make it into the city - fighting the traffic all the way - i was so amazed at how wonderful all the girls looked and amazed at how much older they all looked.

this is my beautiful baby - with her wonderful partner Adam in the background. - they had an amazing time, the venue was fantastic - but their reports on the food were not so wonderful.

1am on the Thursday and they (4 girls including Bianca and Adam all crashed in the family room with movies and loads of junk food to wind down after the event. They were very good and well i heard giggles at 4am but not too bad - and they apparently finally fell asleep around 5 - but i had them all up and in the car by 9am - as two of the girls were performing in choir at Manly Far West. The others were just watching before catching the bus to Dee Why to meet up with a few friends and then Brunch in one of the cafes on the beach. I don't know how he survived a day full of girls, but Adam did.

Bianca and I had appointments with the Drs at 2 - of which we attended and i was sent home to bed

This is when i realised that my health just needs to come first - so after hours on the phone (Brian was at work that night) we both decided that the decision had to be made regarding the Shop.

So Friday came and we started to inform some of you - before we emailed you all over the weekend about our huge Change - to no longer be trading in Pittwater Road Dee Why. This was a huge thing for me to deal with - but i do feel it is the best thing to do at the moment. The overwhelming response from you all regarding support and help is just wonderful - these amazing flowers arrived - with the words

"soft blooms to brighten your day"

thanks again danni and toby - just wonderful and yes they brightened my day! even through the tears

Saturday saw our 3rd Annual Santa Photo shoot Day - the pages were awesome (insert pic here when scanned tomorrow) Santa was very busy all day taking Christmas wishes and smiling for the photos - it was a very busy but wonderful day. And another one that was highly emotional for me as the news of our closure was spreading and more of you were shocked and supportive - phone calls at home and at work - I thank you all for your wonderful support and kind words.

Sunday - spent the day with Bianca working on those elusive Christmas gifts (again you will have to wait for these pics) Mother in law was doing fine - at home

Monday came and time for me to have a Dr check up - sort out a few things - yes well if i was to follow his instructions there would be no more Forever Always owned by me anyway - he would prefer i sell the lot and walk away - but you all know this is my baby and i just can't let go - so hopefully my decision will be the one that i enjoy. but during my appointment he also informed me that my Mother in law has fluid on the Brain and that she needs some further testing (again i hit that emotional shutdown feeling ) and was thrown in a spin. I am now taking some medication to help with the vertigo and hopefully that will help a bit besides trying to destress - at this time of year well its always a tuff one.

Monday night saw me meet with all my New Design Team Girls for a planning meeting and besides flooring them all with my decision they were very supportive and with their help. We will be bringing you their amazing ideas and inspirations in our online Gallery. they have all got projects on the go so they should be ready for some new uploads soon

Tuesday - and i am still not thinking clearly - as any of you know me and my camera are rarely separated but i attended Biancas Graduation from Year 10 Ceremony and of course didn't have it with me - So as proud as I was - we have nothing to show this time in our life - but she has down us very Proud with her results - I am just so blessed to have such a wonderful Daughter in my life.

Bianca I love you - know this always

Wednesday - ah this is today - well its a big one - the SALE for relocation is on - and well us woman can't resist a bargain - so you had me running of my feet - and then Fiona's Class tonight - well besides a computer glitch i think you all had fun and we are now up todate its 1 am and i am going to do a little update on the FA news and more blog before heading to bed

night all


  1. Hi Sonia,

    You've definitely have your hands very full~!! Do take the time to rest more - especially over the holidays.

    Closing the store would've been a very hard decision but hopefully it will give you all the extra time that you need to recouperate and feel relaxed.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Hugs to you Sonia. It sounds like you definately need to chill out and try and take a little time for yourself.
    Rest up and enjoy all the joys that the season can bring.

  3. Thanks Deborah and Lee - yes i am starting to feel a little less presurised already - although the store is busier than ever with the sale - but my studio arrived for home on the weekend - so with a busy few weeks ahead - i will soon be ready to play again.

    Your comments are much appreciated.


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