Sunday, December 04, 2005

{my scrap room}

time to share some pictures of my room - here are the ikea cupboards almost completed - and this is my clock that i have altered today amongst the mess


  1. Gab C1:03 pm

    thought it was about time i logged in - the room looks so well set up and the colours inspiring - it must ALMOST be hard to go to work!!!

  2. LOL - well it has had me creating - which is good - i hope to see you blogging soon :)

  3. Oh wow how gorgeous is that? I am completly stealing your shelving idea, it's sooo devine. DOK. (Drooling Over Keyboard)

  4. sonia your room looks fantastic, glad to see you got your problems with blogger sorted

  5. Ohhh I am sooooo jealous. I want a room like that~!!

    I too am nicking your idea for storage/shelving.

  6. Dear Sonia
    Your scrapbooking room looks gorgeous........wait I can feel the inspiration and creativity flowing already......well done my friend ..good job


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